How do I get a Word file that I can modify?

Word Document Generator

We've developed a tool to make converting our DAISY files to a structured Word document with style mark-up quick and easy for you.  Download the Word Document Generator and our guide on how to use the Word Generator tool

Trouble accessing the Word Generator?

Unfortunately some school networks do block the zip file format and may flag it as possibly containing a virus. Please be assured that the tool has been checked and classed as "virus free" by our IT team. If you're unable to download the tool on your network or with the support of your IT department, it's still possible to get a Word document from the DAISY file, but it is a manual process and does not capture the full structure, so modifcation of the document will not be as quick.

  • Download the book in the "DAISY with images" format (If “DAISY text only” is the only DAISY download option offered the original EPUB file doesn’t contain images. You can continue following this process to get a Word document without images). 
  • Open the zip folder and extract the files. Right click on the zip and “extract all” (Shift and F10, then T)
  • The folder containing the extracted files will open automatically. 
  • Rename the "book_title.xml" file so that .xml becomes .html 
  • Open the .html file (it will open in your web browser) 
  • Select all of the text (Ctrl and A) and copy the text (Ctrl and C) 
  • Paste the text (Ctrl and V) into your blank Word document ensuring you keep the source formatting (if pasted as text only the viewable structure will not carry across to the Word document and it will appear that you have lots of formatting to do). 
  • The text and images are now in your Word document. You may need to resize images to fit the page.
  • Turn on your navigation pane to display a menu of all the styled headings in the document, which give the document structure and make it quick and easy to jump to different sections of the text.
  • The book can now be modified to meet your learner's requirements; font type, font size, line spacing, colours, etc.

Not seeing the XML file name extension?

You may need to adjust your computer settings to show your file name extensions.

Downloadable guides

Word Generator tool user guidance 

Creating Word files from DAISY files manually - full guidance with screen shots

Converting DAISY files into word using an Apple Mac - full guidance with screen shots

Quick guide to creating structured Word documents


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