Why Does Bookshare Web Reader say I am logged out?

Currently the Web Reader requires third-party cookies to be enabled in order to access UK education collection content.  Please enable third-party cookies:

On Chrome:

  1. Navigate to settings
  2. Select Show Advanced Settings
  3. Select the Content Settings button under Privacy
  4. Uncheck the Block third-party cookies and site data option

On Firefox:

  1. Navigate to Options
  2. Select the Private tab
  3. Select the Use custom settings for history from the history drop down box
  4. Select Always from the accept third-party cookies option drop down box

On Microsoft Edge

  1. Under the Tools (alt + t) menu Navigate to Internet Options
  2. Select the Privacy Tab
  3. Select the Advanced button under settings
  4. Check Override automatic cookie handling
  5. Select accept for third-party cookies

On Safari

  1. Navigate to Preferences
  2. Select the Privacy Tab
  3. Select the Never option for Blocking cookies


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