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Staff (Primary Contact and Sponsors)Your username is your email address.Learners (Members)Your username will have been set by your teacher or support staff. They will be able to remind you of your log in details or change them for you if required.Related Help Centre... more
Before entering your password, press the backspace key repeatedly until you are sure the field is blank. Please note that our passwords are case sensitive. If you continue receiving this error, please reset your password through our Forgot Password process.
Primary Contacts and other staff (Sponsors)If you're the Primary Contact or a Sponsor on your organisation's account you can reset your own password:Go to "Log in"Select "Forgot your password?"Enter your email addressSelect "reset password"You'll be sent an email... more
Staff (Primary Contact and Sponsors)If you've forgotten your password:Go to our homepage (select the RNIB Bookshare logo at the top of the page)Select "Log in"Select "Forgot your password"Follow the instructionsIf you're able to log in:Go to "My account"Select "Change... more

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