How to get the most out of Word

Word a great plain text format for members wishing to simply access the raw text on their device.  However on most devices word will not offer options for audio without an additional application.

That said in the latest version of Microsoft Word, members can select the Learning Tools button from the View tab to find several helpful options to enhance their reading experience. 

These options include:

  • Read Aloud - to have Microsoft Word read the book aloud with the selected Microsoft Text to Speech voice, including synchronized highlighting 
  • Syllables - to have Microsoft Word visually display the syllables of the content
  • Page Color - to modify the visual color scheme of Microsoft Word

Additionally members who do not have the latest version of Microsoft Word can still make great use of this new format.  Once the book is downloaded to your computer and the files are extracted from the zip file, upload the book to Google Docs.  This allows members to access the book from within the Chrome browser and make use of the great accessibility related toolbars available including:

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