How do I use Advanced Search?

Using the advanced search is a quick and easy way to find the books you are looking for.

Title: if you know the title or at least a part of it, simply enter it in the Title field.

Author: entering only the author will give you a list of all the books available from this specific author in the collection.

ISBN: the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique 10 or 13-digits book identifier. If you know the ISBN of the book you are looking for, simply enter it in the designated field.

Publisher: entering only the publisher will give you a list of all the books available from this specific publisher within the collection.

Synopsis: this will search from the Brief and Long Synopsis descriptions of each book.

Full Text: use this field to search within the text of the entire book (note: You will get a lot of results). See “Tips for Searching” below to refine your search.

Book to Search: searching from All Books (recommended) Books available worldwide.

Language and Grade: You can also narrow your search using the Language and Grade drop-down lists. The Grade corresponds to the education system.

 Available In (Country): Visitors to UK education collection can search the books available to members of a specific country.  

NOTE: Entering more than one criteria at the same time will only give results that match ALL of the criteria you entered. For example: entering "Wuthering" in the Title field and "Bronte" in the Author field will return "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte.


For more search tips please see our Tips for Searching

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