How do I change my learners (Members) download format preference?

To help save you and your learners' time, you can set their download preference so that's the first format to be offered when it's available. So if nine times out of 10 you know your learner would like a Word file you can set this as the preference; you'll be able to select a different format from the drop down menu when downloading if they require a different format.

Download preferences options

  • Word
  • EPUB
  • DAISY text only or with images
  • Audio (then select if DAISY or MP3)
  • Braille (and then set the additional options, note the buiilt-in braille translator does not support coded materials such as maths, science and languages)

PDF will be added as a download preference end of 2017/early 2018.

To set the download preference

  • Log in to your account and go to “My homepage” 
  • Select either “Members” or “Manage your list of learners (Members)
  • Select the “Last name” of the learner’s account you wish to edit
  • Edit the "Members download preference" fields
  • Tick the check box to confirm the changes and “Save

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