BeeLine Reader with Bookshare Web Reader

BeeLine Reader

BeeLine Reader is designed to make reading faster and easier by using a color gradient that guides your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. For many readers, BeeLine Reader's color gradients dramatically improves focus and reading fluency.

Try it out now, using Bookshare Web Reader ("Read Now")

  • Go to your My UK education collection page and open one of the titles you have been recently reading by selecting the "Read Now" link. At this time only Individual and Organizational Members can open Web Reader and access BeeLine Reader; BeeLine Reader is not available in Sponsor accounts.
    • You may also search for a book or look at your "My History" page, from where you can select the "Read Now" link.
  • The first time you open Web Reader, you will be prompted to use BeeLine Reader. The copy displayed in the pop-up is representative of one of the coloration schemes you can choose. You can:
    • Select the "Yes, I'll try it!" button, which will take you right to the Bookshare Web Reader Settings menu, where you can select a BeeLine color scheme. Once you save this setting, you will be able to see the coloration effects in the text of the book.
    • Select the "No thanks" button, which will take you directly to the book. You will not be prompted again on this browser.
  • Learn more about BeeLine Reader and how you can have it available to you on other web pages and documents outside of Bookshare!
    • If you don't see the BeeLine options, please Contact Us.

3. Use BeeLine Reader and Bookshare Web Reader settings

  • Check out how BeeLine Reader works for you with different Web Reader Settings (gear icon), such as BeeLine coloration plus a different font size or type, single page view vs. scrolling, etc.

  Web Reader settings window, that now includes BeeLine as a visual option and allows the user to select one of several color schemesBookshare Web Reader with BeeLine coloration turned on


  • Please note that the BeeLine product is separate from Bookshare Web Reader; we are excited to work with the BeeLine team to offer our members more ways to read more easily.
    • While BeeLine Reader might be very useful for members who find colors useful in reading text, Bookshare recommends that members using screen readers opt to leave BeeLine Reader off, or else the screen reader will read out the text letter-by-letter.
    • If you are finding the colorization process slow, please check your setttings (the gear icon) to see what page layout you are using. BeeLine Reader operates somewhat better in the single- or facing-page mode, vs. scrolling.

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