Getting started

To keep your device protected we have included a case, we suggest you keep the device in the case at all times.

The device should reach you fully charged, so all you need to do is switch it on by holding in the power switch on the top right hand side until the logo appears on the screen.

Once the device has powered up you will be taken through the set up options for accessibility. We suggest that you set these up before going any further.


We have a number of Youtube videos you can watch that demonstrate the accessibility features on your Apple device. These are VoiceOver, which provides speech output and Zoom, which provides magnification.

The easiest way to view these is by going to the RNIB website where you’ll find information on technology and independent learning and towards and at the bottom of this page you’ll find lots of resources for iPads/iPhones.


It’s important to stay safe online. We suggest parents consider the options below and ensure they monitor use of devices to ensure they are satisfied that the content being accessed is appropriate for their child.

NSPCC have a service ‘Let’s keep kids safe online’ which is aimed at helping parents and guardians understand the digital world which their children live in. The website gives lots of information about online safety and how to secure devices using parental controls, privacy settings etc and also lots of links to NSPCC and other organisations.

NSPCC also provide free online child safety workshops.

There are also parental control apps which can help keep your child safe online, such as Qustodio and NSPCC Net Aware a guide to social networks that children use.

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