Empower your learners to access UK education collection

Sponsors can assign logins to learners on their organisations account. This will allow your learners to log in to UK education collection independently and read books assigned to them by teaching and support staff.

To allow your learners to log in and read books they select on their own, set them up on your Members list.

Help your learners access UK education collection books independently by following these four easy steps:

  1. set a user name and password
  2. create and share a reading list
  3. add a book to the reading list
  4. help your learner log in and read.

Set a user name and password

To maintain learner privacy, please ensure to anonymise their details. For example you can enter their true first name, with a number for their surname.

  • My homepage
  • Members
  • Add a Member
  • Enter the required details
  • Save
  • Notify the learner of their log in details

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Create and share a reading list

  • My homepage
  • My reading lists
  • Create reading lists
  • Enter a title for the reading list and a description if desired
  • Save
  • Select the "Members" tab
  • Add Member
  • Select the learner(s) who you wish to share the reading list with
  • Add selected members.

When the learner logs in to their Member account, they'll be able to access the reading list by selecting the My Reading Lists link.

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Add a book to the reading list

  • In the Search box at the top of the page, enter the title of the book you wish your learners to read.
  • Select the book title.
  • Select "Add to Reading List."
  • Choose the Reading List and select "Add."

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Help your learner log in and read

Books shared with learners can be accessed either through UK education collection Integrated applications or directly through Bookshare Web Reader. To access a book with Bookshare Web Reader, the learner should log in to UK education collection with his/her user name and password as set by the Sponsor. Once logged in, they can:

  • Select "My homepage"
  • Navigate to the appropriate shared reading list.
  • Select "Read Now" next to the book.

For more information on compatible browsers and features, please see these articles on:

For other applications the learner can log in and search for the book through the applications built in search function, and download the book into the app directly.

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Read Now video

The video shows our Web Reader tool being used with Bookshare.org, however the functionality is the same for both RNIB Bookshare and Bookshare users.