Emboss books yourself

Embossing books yourself

If you or your organisation has the equipment to emboss books yourself, Load2Learn can provide the files you need. We generally recommend using Duxbury, but any braille embosser will work in a similar fashion.

There are three steps to downloading an embossable version of UK education collection books:

  1. Set download preferences to BRF format
  2. Download the book
  3. Extract the book from the downloaded zip file

Once the BRF file is extracted to your computer, you can open the BRF file with Duxbury or another braille embossing program:

  1. Open Duxbury, select the File menu option, then select Open.
  2. Browse for the folder on your computer containing the BRF book, then double click or press Enter to open it.
  3. The book will open and display the text in braille.

Once the book is opened in Duxbury, select the Emboss menu and begin embossing your book into hard copy braille.