Accessible learning from home for learners during Coronavirus restrictions

Teachers and staff

During this time where the majority of children are learning from home, it’s even more important that teachers and school staff add their learners to their school’s RNIB Bookshare membership.

Using RNIB Bookshare at home will allow learners to be independent or supported by a parent in their home learning and able to access the resources they need in a format they can read. Please make sure you add your learners!



If you have a child who has a print disability that affects their reading RNIB Bookshare can help with access to curriculum and leisure titles in accessible formats at all educational levels. If your child does not already have access through their school, we don’t want any child to miss out on the books and resources they need whilst they are having to learn at home.

Email us proof of their disability along with your name and your contact details and we will make sure they get access to the services for titles they need.

Membership of RNIB Bookshare allows downloading of curriculum resources, from our online catalogue for use by learners with a print-disability only, as defined under the Copyright and Rights in Performances (Disability) Regulations 2014. A guide to Print-disability definitions is available.

 We will review memberships provided during the COVID-19 arrangements again once learners are able to return to school-based learning. RNIB Bookshare under normal circumstances is accessed by learners through a school membership.  


Contact us

Contact us at or tel. 0300 3038313.

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