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Homemade Takeaways: How to Make Your Favourite Takeaway . . . But Better

by Rob Allison

From burger joints to pizza parlours, our towns and cities sparkle with the neon lights of takeaways. But among the deliciously exotic aromas of frying noodles, rotating meats and simmering spices, linger the toxic combinations of salt and chemicals that cause heart burn, obesity and diabetes.HOMEMADE TAKEAWAYS injects the nation's favourite takeaways with new inspiration by recreating them using fresh produce and proper cooking methods. This is by no means a health book or a diet book, but by simply being able to control the quality of ingredients you use to cook the recipes, this book will make infinitely healthier food than you will find in any takeaway. Rob Allison uses his wealth of experience in the food industry to create mouth-watering and flavoursome food for any occasion.

Votan and Other Novels (FANTASY MASTERWORKS)

by John James

In the second century AD, a Greek nobleman is travelling and living abroad in Germany while carrying on an affair with a military man's wife. When discovered, he takes an emergency business trip to save his life and packs amongst his belongings certain items that lead the people he encounters to think him a Norse God, a fortuitous point of view which he does little to dispel. Forced to keep up the pretence of being a god while staying one step ahead of his lover's jealous husband, Photinus must juggle the severity of his situation with the enjoyment of being a god.Published here with its sequel, NOT FOR ALL THE GOLD IN IRELAND and companion volume MEN WENT TO CATTREATH, VOTAN is one of the highpoints of modern fantasy.

Beginning Entity Framework Core 5: From Novice to Professional

by Eric Vogel

Use the code-driven approach of Entity Framework Core 5 to build a functional web application that accesses a database on the backend server. This book covers the common use cases of Entity Framework that a developer needs to master in order to begin building applications that run against a database. Throughout the book you will be shown how to use Entity Framework Core 5 by implementing a simple ASP.NET Core Razor Pages line-of-business application. This example application will be similar to those you might write yourself and deploy to your users on a web or intranet site via a browser. This book takes a code-first approach in which your database will be created and seeded programmatically. You won’t need to create the database through your database engine’s interface. Instead, you will be shown how to define your data model in Entity Framework, and then let Entity Framework do the work of creating your database and schema for you. From there you will learn how to seed your database with example data, then to implement the common, so-called CRUD operations consisting of creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting rows of data. By the end of the book you will have built a well-designed application that you can use as the basis for future applications that you create in your job. What You Will LearnDownload and install Entity Framework Core 5Perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operationsCreate and seed a database with example data using Entity Framework Core 5Incrementally add new database functionality through Entity Framework Core 5 migrationsRecognize when to take advantage of new features introduced in Entity Framework Core 5Deliver line-of-business applications using ASP.NET Core that run in a browserWho This Books Is ForDevelopers who are familiar with C# and the .NET Framework who want to learn database access using Entity Framework Core 5. For developers creating web-based, line-of-business applications who want to create those applications more quickly and efficiently when databases are involved.

Social Big Data Analytics: Practices, Techniques, and Applications

by Pornpit Wongthongtham Bilal Abu-Salih Dengya Zhu Kit Yan Chan Amit Rudra

This book focuses on data and how modern business firms use social data, specifically Online Social Networks (OSNs) incorporated as part of the infrastructure for a number of emerging applications such as personalized recommendation systems, opinion analysis, expertise retrieval, and computational advertising. This book identifies how in such applications, social data offers a plethora of benefits to enhance the decision making process.This book highlights that business intelligence applications are more focused on structured data; however, in order to understand and analyse the social big data, there is a need to aggregate data from various sources and to present it in a plausible format. Big Social Data (BSD) exhibit all the typical properties of big data: wide physical distribution, diversity of formats, non-standard data models, independently-managed and heterogeneous semantics but even further valuable with marketing opportunities.The book provides a review of the current state-of-the-art approaches for big social data analytics as well as to present dissimilar methods to infer value from social data. The book further examines several areas of research that benefits from the propagation of the social data. In particular, the book presents various technical approaches that produce data analytics capable of handling big data features and effective in filtering out unsolicited data and inferring a value. These approaches comprise advanced technical solutions able to capture huge amounts of generated data, scrutinise the collected data to eliminate unwanted data, measure the quality of the inferred data, and transform the amended data for further data analysis. Furthermore, the book presents solutions to derive knowledge and sentiments from BSD and to provide social data classification and prediction. The approaches in this book also incorporate several technologies such as semantic discovery, sentiment analysis, affective computing and machine learning.This book has additional special feature enriched with numerous illustrations such as tables, graphs and charts incorporating advanced visualisation tools in accessible an attractive display.

Eating Disorders and Child Sexual Abuse

by Lisa Hodge

This book takes up the challenge of examining women’s understandings of eating disorders and child sexual abuse away from a framework focused on pathology. The central argument is that women’s distress is an enactment of their engagement with certain discourses and practices, rather than a reaction triggered by child sexual abuse. Guided by a contemporary feminist framework and Mikhail Bakhtin’s sociological linguistics, to substantiate the argument, women’s own poetry and drawings are used as evidence to develop, support and supplement research findings. The book establishes that an eating disorder is ‘an understandable response’ to sexual trauma and shifts the focus away from ‘a damaged personality’. Even more importantly, it demonstrates that women with eating disorders are using their bodies as a form of resistance to express silenced traumas that remain in the silenced female body. This is an active way of making sense of experiences of child sexual abuse.

Macromolecular Characterization of Hydrocarbons for Sustainable Future: Applications to Hydrocarbon Value Chain (Green Energy and Technology)

by Uttam Kumar Bhui

This book discusses the macromolecular characterization of hydrocarbon components and their industrial applications for sustainable future development. It provides efficient integrated solutions and feasible industrial applications for sustainable cleaner and greener future. The book covers recent trends in the use of hydrocarbons such as crude oil, coal and shale, biomass and other carbon materials. Various topics covered in this book include challenges in mature field redevelopment, enhanced oil recovery, optical characteristics of petroleum crudes-surfactants-brine solutions, challenges and issues in processing hydrocarbons, 'coal for future cleaner fuel and chemicals' and 'biomass for fuels and chemicals'. The book is useful for the researchers and professionals working in the area of petroleum engineering.

Intelligent Computing and Block Chain: First BenchCouncil International Federated Conferences, FICC 2020, Qingdao, China, October 30 – November 3, 2020, Revised Selected Papers (Communications in Computer and Information Science #1385)

by Lei Wang Aoying Zhou Kai Hwang Wanling Gao Changyun Wang  Weiping Li Zhigang Qiu Weining Qian Cheqing Jin Zhifei Zhang

This book constitutes the refereed post-conference proceedings of the Second BenchCouncil International Federated Intelligent Computing and Block Chain Conferences, FICC 2020, held in Qingdao, China, in October/ November 2020.The 32 full papers and 6 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 103 submissions. The papers of this volume are organized in topical sections on AI and medical technology; AI and big data; AI and block chain; AI and education technology; and AI and financial technology.

Mineral Micro-Geochemistry Constraints on Petrogenesis and Genesis of Gold Deposit

by Yayun Liang

Minerals respond texturally and compositionally to changing magmatic environments and preserve a wealth of information regarding magmatic processes and compositions in their crystal-growth stratigraphy. This book reports the detailed petrography and in-situ geochemistry of the clinopyroxene phenocrysts of the mafic dykes in the Jiaodong Peninsula, southeastern North China Craton, including in-situ determinations of major elements, trace elements, Sr isotopic compositions, and H2O contents with further constraints on the petrogenesis and geodynamics of the mafic dykes. Systematic analyses of mineralogical, major, and trace elements, Sr–Nd isotopes, and in-situ S isotopes on the pyrite of the main gold-bearing mineral assemblages and visible gold were conducted, aiming to explore the source of ore-forming materials and the process of Au element migration and deposition. The geodynamic setting of mineralization in the studied region is also summarized.

Increasing Naturalness and Flexibility in Spoken Dialogue Interaction: 10th International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering #714)

by Haizhou Li Erik Marchi Sabato Marco Siniscalchi Sandro Cumani Valerio Mario Salerno

This book compiles and presents a synopsis on current global research efforts to push forward the state of the art in dialogue technologies, including advances to language and context understanding, and dialogue management, as well as human–robot interaction, conversational agents, question answering and lifelong learning for dialogue systems.

Technologies for economic and functional lightweight design: Conference proceedings 2020 (Zukunftstechnologien für den multifunktionalen Leichtbau)

by Thomas Vietor Klaus Dröder

This book comprises the proceedings of the conference “Future Production of Hybrid Structures 2020”, which took place in Wolfsburg.The conference focused on hybrid lightweight design, which is characterized by the combination of different materials with the aim of improving properties and reducing weight. In particular, production technologies for hybrid lightweight design were discussed, new evaluation methods for the ecological assessment of hybrid components were presented and future-oriented approaches motivated by nature for the development of components, assemblies and systems were introduced.Lightweight design is a key technology for the development of sustainable and resource-efficient mobility concepts. Vehicle manufacturers operate in an area of conflict between customer requirements, competition and legislation. Material hybrid structures, which combine the advantages of different materials, have a high potential for reducing weight, while simultaneously expanding component functionality. The future, efficient use of function-integrated hybrid structures in vehicle design requires innovations and constant developments in vehicle and production technology. There is a great demand, especially with regard to new methods and technologies, for "affordable" lightweight construction in large-scale production, taking into account the increasing requirements with regard to variant diversity, safety and quality.

Das älteste Glücksspiel: Eine kurze Naturgeschichte der Sexualität

by Veiko Krauß

Sex prägt wesentlich unser Bild einer lebendigen Natur. Entstanden vor Milliarden Jahren, spielt die Sexualität die Rolle eines Zufallsgenerators, welcher in jeder Generation Erbgut neu zusammenwürfelt. Sie gleicht einem Rüttler, der für die Durchlässigkeit des Siebes der natürlichen Selektion sorgt. Sex tritt bei jeder Art in einer besonderen, durch ihre evolutionäre Geschichte und Lebensweise geprägten Form in Erscheinung. All diesen Formen ist gemeinsam, dass nur das Zusammenwirken zweier Partner erfolgreich sein kann. Dennoch kann aus dieser Kooperation Ungleichheit und heftige Konkurrenz entstehen. Dieses Buch erklärt darüber hinaus, wieso Sexualität bei mehrzelligen Lebewesen oft mit Metamorphose, Brutfürsorge oder Brutpflege verbunden wird, worin der Unterschied zwischen Arten, Rassen und genetischer Vielfalt besteht, dass Geschlechterrollen und -stereotypen austauschbar sind und worauf es bei der Partnerwahl wirklich ankommt.

Guter Sex dank Selbsthypnose: So behandeln Sie Ihre sexuellen Probleme

by Barbara Laimböck

Falls Sex ein Thema in Ihrem Leben ist – sei es, weil er zu oft, zu selten, gehemmt, schmerzhaft oder unbefriedigend, monoton oder exzentrisch oder gar nicht stattfindet – dann lesen Sie einfach dieses Buch. Viele Menschen beschäftigen Fragen wie diese: War ich gut? Was hält sie/er von mir? Bin ich ein guter Liebhaber? War der Orgasmus echt? Oh nein, nicht schon wieder! Hoffentlich klappt es heute! Wenn ich nur nicht wieder so schnell komme! Wie sag ich ihr/ihm, dass ich keine Lust habe? In diesem Selbsthilferatgeber hat die Sexualtherapeutin Dr. med. Barbara Laimböck Erfahrungen und Interventionen von 30 Jahren ärztlicher Tätigkeit mit Hypnosetherapie gesammelt. Sie erzählt Ihnen dazu Fallgeschichten, die therapeutische Wirkung erzielen. Auch Paarübungen stehen zur Verfügung. Probieren Sie es einfach aus und überraschen Sie die/den Partner*in. Aus dem Inhalt: Seriöse Informationen, Trance-Geschichten zum Direkt-Anhören, Einzel- und Paarübungen. Über die Autorin: Dr. med. Barbara Laimböck ist u.a. Ärztin für Allgemeinmedizin und psychotherapeutische Medizin, für KIP und Hypnose nach Milton Erickson. Immer schon hat sie alles Tabuisierte und Geheimnisvolle interessiert: der Körper des Menschen, sein komplexes Denken und Fühlen und insbesondere Sexualität. Ihre Erfahrungen in mehr als 30 Jahren Sexualtherapie stellt sie in diesem Ratgeber zur Verfügung.

Electrical Systems and Mechatronics (Commercial Vehicle Technology)

by Michael Hilgers Wilfried Achenbach

The aim of this work, consisting of 9 individual, self-contained booklets, is to describe commercial vehicle technology in a way that is clear, concise and illustrative. Compact and easy to understand, it provides an overview of the technology that goes into modern commercial vehicles.Starting from the customer's fundamental requirements, the characteristics and systems that define the design of the vehicles are presented knowledgeably in a series of articles, each of which can be read and studied on their own. This volume, Electrical Systems and Mechatronics, offers an introduction to the mechatronics in a commercial vehicle. The electrical and electronic systems are presented, up to and including the advanced driver assistance systems. The compressed air system and the commercial vehicle brake are explained to give the reader a comprehensive overview, such as is helpful for understanding in training and in practice.

Microbial life on Façades

by Georg Gärtner Wolfgang Karl Hofbauer

This book provides a detailed overview of the microorganisms that form the initial growth on the exterior façades of buildings. It deals with the ecophysiological properties that characterize the basic conditions under which these microorganisms can occur on façades. In addition to an identification key for the types and forms of microorganisms, this book provides a detailed description of the individual organisms, stating their ecological range. Furthermore, the various ecological parameters are discussed in short chapters. Measures to prevent and combat the colonization of façades with microorganisms are also addressed. Specialists (architects, construction experts), builders, scientists and master students can find all the information they need on facade algae and fungi here.

Mediation der Zukunft für Paare und Familien (essentials)

by Thomas Spörer

Der status quo der Mediation in Deutschland charakterisiert einen Zustand, der dieser Konfliktbearbeitungsform, gemessen am Bedarf, immer noch eine marginale Rolle zuschreibt. Die Gegenüberstellung einer juristischen Bearbeitung und ihrem non-juristischen Gegenpart unterstreicht zwar die Differenzen in der Vorgehensweise, blendet aber eine vorherrschende Gemeinsamkeit der beiden Systeme aus, die erst deutlich wird, wenn die Sicht darauf aus dem Blickwinkel der Betroffenen fällt. Dieser Beitrag betrachtet speziell Mediation aus der Bedürfnislage der Klientel heraus und fragt danach, wie sich diese Methode verändern muss, wenn sie den Bedürfnissen ihre Betroffenen gerecht werden möchte.

Das Videodrama: Ein religionspädagogisches Filmprojekt im interdisziplinären Dialog (pop.religion: lebensstil – kultur – theologie)

by Julian Sengelmann

Das religionspädagogische und praktisch-theologische Projekt VIDEODRAMA ist ein hybrider, interdisziplinärer Ansatz, bei dem mit einer Gruppe in einem kreativen Prozess ein Film produziert wird, der im „Raum eines biblischen Textes“ entsteht. Die Teilnehmenden entwickeln diese Filmerzählung in allen Facetten einer klassischen Filmproduktion bis hin zur Premiere in einem Kino. Das VIDEODRAMA ist ein interdisziplinäres Projekt, das sich dezidiert von wissenschaftlichen Konkurrenzen und Konzeptionen loslöst. Dieses Buch begleitet exemplarisch einen solchen Prozess, entwickelt eine Theorie des VIDEODRAMAS und bringt diese mit ausgewählten aktuellen religionspädagogischen Diskussionen ins Gespräch.

Digitalisierung und Einzelhandel: Taktiken und Technologien, Praxisbeispiele und Herausforderungen (essentials)

by Ronald Deckert Atilla Wohllebe

Das Aufkommen des Internets und insbesondere die Verbreitung von Smartphones haben den E-Commerce in Deutschland und weltweit wachsen lassen und setzen den stationären Einzelhandel wirtschaftlich unter Druck. Mit der Digitalisierung eröffnen sich aber auch neue Chancen für stationär tätige Handelsunternehmen entlang der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette, die mit Blick auf Kundenmehrwert, Implementierung, Effizienz und Nachhaltigkeit einzuordnen sind.

Wilful Blindness - on the Relationship of Identity, Agency and Personal

by Estella Ferraro

The book explores the ambivalent relationship between identity, agency and personal data in the age of digitalisation. Using qualitative empirical research including a heterogeneous sample the author analyses the conditions under which humans share personal data, construct their selves and act socially.The results show how different data and the meaning attached to them vary over time und thus create distortions and fragmentations in relation to how the self is (re)presented. The subjects face a loss of agency in light of the power ascribed to data, which are often perceived and positioned as objective and unchallengeable. This leads to a sense of unease about sharing data, for which different coping techniques are found. The book critically reflects on these findings and concludes both empirically and theoretically on how identity and agency are constituted in the digital world and the educational implications that result out of this dynamic.

Bildung nach reaktionären Revolutionen: Was sich von der TV Serie The Handmaid’s Tale lernen lässt

by Anja Besand

Der vorliegende Band ist der neunte Band einer Reihe, in der sich eine Gruppe von Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern, die sich 2014 an der Technischen Universität Dresden unter der Bezeichnung WEITERSEHEN – interdisziplinäre Perspektiven Dresdner Serienforschung zusammengefunden haben, mit sozial- und kulturwissenschaftlichen Fragen im Kontext aktueller TV Serien beschäftigt. Der hier vorliegende Band ist einer der Düstersten, den die Gruppe bislang vorgelegt hat. Es geht um Bildung nach reaktionären Revolutionen oder die Frage, wie wir dem autoritären Sog begegnen, der in den westlichen Gesellschaften zunehmend sichtbar wird. Im Mittelpunkt dieses Bandes steht eine dystopische Erzählung. Eine Erzählung über reaktionäre Revolutionen, Umweltkatastrophen und Reproduktionskrisen. Eine Erzählung über Unfreiheit, sexualisierte Gewalt, Maskulismus und Macht. Die Erzählung ist dabei mehr als 30 Jahre alt und gleichzeitig so aktuell, dass man sich die Augen reiben möchte. Es geht um: The Handmaids Tale – eine Serie, deren Kostüme heute regelmäßig in Demonstrationskontexten auftauchen. Eine Serie, deren Urtext bereits zum kanonischen Bestandteil schulischer Pflichtlektüren geworden ist und die doch gleichzeitig als eine der aktuellsten Serienerzählungen zu bewerten ist.

Interne Revision und Compliance: Operative Grundlagen und Recht

by Jörg Berwanger Ulrich Hahn

Das Buch zeigt die Grundlagen der Internen Revision, mit Blick auf die Compliance. Der Rechtsteil behandelt wesentliche Rechtsfragen beider Unternehmensfunktionen. Der operative Teil orientiert sich an den typischen Revisionsaufgaben und Revisionsprozessen im privatwirtschaftlichen und im öffentlichen Kontext – mit Spiegelung zu den Aufgaben der Compliance. Der Fokus liegt auf einer pragmatisch-praxistauglichen Darstellung, Erläuterung und Umsetzung der Berufsgrundlagen und Best Practices der Internen Revision.Das Werk bietet eine fundierte Übersicht über die Grundlagen und die Ursprünge der Compliance- und Revisionsarbeit – und geht dabei auf erfrischende Weise über den sonst üblichen rein rechtlichen Rahmen hinaus. Der Bezug auf aktuelle Themen, verbunden mit einer direkten und offenen Auseinandersetzung mit Fehlern und Schwachstellen im System der Unternehmenscompliance, machen das Buch zu einer sehr lesenswerten Lektüre.Jörg Nierhaus, LL.M., Chief Compliance Officer, Essen

Intelligent Transport Systems, From Research and Development to the Market Uptake: 4th EAI International Conference, INTSYS 2020, Virtual Event, December 3, 2020, Proceedings (Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering #364)

by Ana Lúcia Martins Alexander Kocian João C. Ferreira Vera Costa

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems, INTSYS 2020, which was held in December 2020. Due to COVID-19 pandemic the conference was held virtually. With the globalization of trade and transportation and the consequent multi-modal solutions used, additional challenges are faced by organizations and countries. Intelligent Transport Systems make transport safer, more efficient, and more sustainable by applying information and communication technologies to all transportation modes. The 16 revised full papers in this book were selected from 38 submissions and are organized in three thematic sessions on mobility; applications; simulation and prediction.

Industrial IoT Technologies and Applications: 4th EAI International Conference, Industrial IoT 2020, Virtual Event, December 11, 2020, Proceedings (Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering #365)

by Lourdes Peñalver Lorena Parra

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Industrial IoT Technologies and Applications, IoT 2020, held in December 2020. Due to Covid-19 pandemic the conference was held virtually. The widespread deployment of wireless sensor networks, clouds, industrial robot, embedded computing and inexpensive sensors has facilitated industrial Internet of Things (IndustrialIoT) technologies and fostered some emerging applications. The 14 carefully reviewed papers are a selection from 28 submissions and detail topics in the context of IoT for a smarter industry.

Cyber Security Intelligence and Analytics: 2021 International Conference on Cyber Security Intelligence and Analytics (CSIA2021), Volume 1 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing #1342)

by Xiaolu Zhang Zheng Xu Reza M. Parizi Octavio Loyola-González

This book presents the outcomes of the 2021 International Conference on Cyber Security Intelligence and Analytics (CSIA 2021), an international conference dedicated to promoting novel theoretical and applied research advances in the interdisciplinary field of cyber security, particularly focusing on threat intelligence, analytics, and countering cybercrime. The conference provides a forum for presenting and discussing innovative ideas, cutting-edge research findings and novel techniques, methods and applications on all aspects of cyber security intelligence and analytics. Due to COVID-19, Authors, Keynote Speakers and PC committees will attend the conference online.

Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism: Their Science, Effects, Prevention, and Recovery (Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications)

by P. Andrew Karam

This book discusses multiple aspects of radiological and nuclear terrorism. Do you know what to do if there is a radiological or nuclear emergency in your city? These accidents are not common, but they have happened – and even though we have not seen an attack using these weapons, governments around the world are making plans for how to prevent them – and for how to respond if necessary. Whether you are an emergency responder, a medical caregiver, a public health official – even a member of the public wanting to know how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe – there is a need to understand how these weapons work, how radiation affects our health, how to stop an attack from taking place, how to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency, and much more.Unfortunately, the knowledge that is needed to accomplish all of this is lacking at all levels of society and government. In this book, Dr. Andrew Karam, an internationally respected expert in radiation safety and multiple aspects of radiological and nuclear emergencies, discusses how these weapons work and what they can do, how they can affect our health, how to keep yourself safe, and how to react appropriately whether you are a police officer investigating a suspect radiological weapon, a firefighter responding to a radiological or nuclear attack, a nurse or physician caring for potentially contaminated patients, or a governmental official trying to keep the public safe. To do this, he draws upon his extensive experience in the military, the several years he worked directly with emergency responders, his service on a number of advisory committees, and multiple trips overseas in the aftermath of the Fukushima accident and on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Interpol, and the Health Physics Society.

Digital Shutdowns and Social Media: Spatiality, Political Economy and Internet Shutdowns in India (Springer Geography)

by Shekh Moinuddin

This book offers a spatial insights on the social mediasphere in the context of digital shutdowns and reflects the dimensions of political economy and of social media in general. Internet shutdowns have been found to be more prevalent in developing countries than in developed countries, with India leading in Internet shutdowns in the world. Internet shutdowns have occurred in India for several reasons, mainly to hinder the spreading of information through social media – this is discussed in detail along with political motives behind this and how this can conflict with government policies, such as the flagship program “Digital India” which is ostensibly meant to improve the infrastructure and expansion of digital information throughout the country. This book suggests new dimensions in the digital spatiality. Furthermore, the digital space is defined and discussed, including its role and how this might be reflected in concepts around spatiality and spaces. More concretely, the book considers the following questions: How is social media reflected in spatial sciences? How does the space differ from more tangible spaces, such as the hydrosphere or atmosphere? How do (computer/mobile phone) screens behave as a space/place in the context of behavioural sciences? How is this reflected in what is shaping and reshaping the spatiality of digital gadgets? Do digital gadgets change the socialization process that’s often considered a path towards how we develop in society? How do internet shutdowns affect the political economy and what patterns can be seen in how individuals, companies and the internet industry in particular react to these shutdowns in India?

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