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Collins Big Cat - Anne of Green Gables: Band 17/Diamond (PDF)

by Lucy Maud Montgomery Sarah Webb

A funny, heart-warming retelling of Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic story for children, which follows orphan Anne, as she joins a new family and makes a new, and finally happy life for herself.

Collins Big Cat, Band 12, Copper: The Honey-Guide Bird, Two Traditional Tales from Africa (PDF)

by Deborah Bawden

Two funny, light-hearted traditional tales from Africa.Copper/Band 12 books provide more complex plots and longer chapters that develop reading stamina.Text type: Traditional tales from another culture.Curriculum links: English: fairy stories, myths and legends; books from other cultures and traditions.

Collins Big Cat, Band 12, Copper: Puss in Boots (PDF)

by Anna Wilson

A fun, lively retelling of the traditional tale of Puss and how he helps the miller's son when he's given a bag and a pair of boots. Find out how he changes Sam's fortunes in a series of clever, cunning tricks.

Collins Big Cat, Band 12, Copper: A Folk Tale from China (PDF)

by Geok Dr Wee Bee

A traditional tale from China, which explores the ancient rituals of Chinese New Year, and explains how it's come to be one of the most celebrated moments of the Chinese calendar. Full of drama and suspense, you can't help but be enthralled by this story of man over beast.

Collins Big Cat, Band 12, Copper: The Selfish Giant (PDF)

by Oscar Wilde Tanya Landman

A wonderful retelling of Oscar Wilde's classic story about a fierce, angry giant, who wants nothing to do with the children who play in his beautiful garden. But when he finds himself miserable and alone in an eternal winter-land, it's an act of kindness to an unlikely friend that brings back Spring and finally, happiness.

Collins Big Cat, Band 13, Topaz: The Goose Girl (PDF)

by Brothers Grimm Livi Michael

This hilarious retelling of a traditional Hans Christian Anderson tale tells of mistaken identities as a kind, humble princess swaps places with her grumpy, unpleasant maid, with some very funny consequences! Who'll end up marrying the prince, and who will end up the goose girl, and how will the magic horse help?

Collins Big Cat, Band 13, Topaz: A Mauri Tale (PDF)

by Leoni Agnew

Find out all about how New Zealand was made in this traditional Mauri creation story. As the heroic Kupe and mythical octopus, Te Wheke, battle it out on the open seas, it's impossible to tell who'll be victorious. As the drama builds in this legend of good over evil, a new land is created, and the fascinating ancient Mauri culture is explored.

Collins Big Cat, Band 13, Topaz: The White Mouse, A Tale from the Panchatantra (PDF)

by Dawn Casey

Discover an ancient Indian culture in this traditional tale of magic, love and a very special quest. When a small white mouse is turned into a daughter for a couple desperate for a family, they never imagined having to say goodbye to her. But as she grows up, it seems her heart only really belongs in one place: back where she came from.

Collins Big Cat, Band 13, Topaz: East of the Sun, West of the Moon (PDF)

by Jørgen Engebretsen Moe Jo Nelson Peter Christen Asbjørnsen

Follow Rosa's magical journey across the snow and ice towards a mysterious prince, who she must rescue in order to unlock her own true happiness. This beautiful retelling of an other-worldly traditional tale, wonderfully describes Rosa's unexpected voyage.

Collins Big Cat, Band 13, Topaz: Spotlight on Brazil (PDF)

by Charlotte Coleman-Smith

As host of the 2014 football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil is a country that has grabbed the world's attention and imagination. Find out all about the history, culture, remarkable landscape and, of course, the carnivals and the sporting prowess that make Brazil such an exciting, dynamic place to visit and to live. Topaz/ Band 13 books offer longer and more demanding reads for children to investigate and evaluate.

Collins Big Cat, Band 14, Ruby: The Black Bull (PDF)

by Karen Mccombie

When Flora dreams of happiness, she doesn't expect to be thrown on to the back of a great, black bull! But as Flora and the bull travel from glen to glen, is the silent beast all that he seems?

Collins Big Cat, Band 14, Ruby: The Firebird, A Russian Tale (PDF)

by June Crebbin

June Crebbin tells this traditional magical tale. When Prince Ivan meets Grey Wolf, the two set out on an adventure that takes them to three different castles. Can they win three prizes, or will Prince Ivan pay with his life?

Collins Big Cat, Band 14, Ruby: The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (PDF)

by Ursula Jones

Wonderful storyteller Ursula Jones tells the story of the Nutcracker, and his noble attempt to defeat the evil Mouse King and his army. Marie will never forget the Christmas the Nutcracker arrives, but can he live up to her expectations?

Collins Big Cat, Band 14, Ruby: Aladdin and the Genies (PDF)

by Vivian French

Vivian French tells this well-known, much loved traditional tale of Aladdin, the magical genies and Aladdin's wishes. Will he find happiness with his riches and beautiful wife, or will evil magician Kadar Ghazi steal everything from him?Ruby/Band 14 books give increasing opportunities for children to develop their skills of inference and deduction.Text type: A traditional taleCurriculum links: English: fairy stories, myths and legends

Collins Big Cat, Band 15, Emerald: The Legend of Blackbeard (PDF)

by Thomas Bloor

Travel with fearsome Captain Blackbeard and his crew of pirates across the open seas as they search for treasure and capture ships. But just when Blackbeard thinks he has everything he ever wanted, he realises that it's being a true pirate that he loves best.

Collins Big Cat, Band 15, Emerald: The Tinderbox (PDF)

by Hans Christian Andersen Penny Dolan

When Jack finds an old tinderbox, he doesn't think much of it, but the fact that someone else wants it so much makes him question his value. Indeed, as his wishes come true, there's only one last thing that he really wants. But will he be able to outwit the King and Queen and win the heart of the Princess before it's too late?

Collins Big Cat, Band 15, Emerald: A collection of Caribbean Folk Tales (PDF)

by John Agard Grace Nichols

Learn all about the strange goings on in Cotton Tree Village with these four traditional tales from the Caribbean, beautifully told here by award-winning authors, John Agard and Grace Nichols.

Collins Big Cat, Band 16, Sapphire: The Railway Children (PDF)

by Harriet Castor E Nesbit

A new chance to follow the lives of Roberta, Phyllis and Peter as they relocate to the country and make friends with station guard Perks, in a lovely retelling of the old favourite written for children by E. Nesbit in the early Twentieth Century.

Collins Big Cat, Band 16, Sapphire: The Jungle Book (PDF)

by Rudyard Kipling Narinder Dhami

Rudyard Kipling's much-loved classic story for children, retold here by Narinder Dhami. Follow Mowgli's adventures with Bagheera, Baloo and the wolf packs which he calls family, as he tries to escape the claws of vicious tiger Shere Khan.

Collins Big Cat, Band 16, Sapphire: The Wind in the Willows (PDF)

by Singer Nicky Grahame Kenneth

<pNicky Singer has captured all the beauty and familiarity of this classic children's book. Follow the adventures of Rat, Mole and Badger as they try to stop their friend Toad from getting into too much trouble.

Collins Big Cat, Band 17, Diamond: The Secret Garden (PDF)

by Frances Hodgson Burnett Fleur Hitchcock

A gripping retelling of Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic tale of mystery and friendship. When Mary Lennox is sent to live with her uncle at his remote home on the moor, she thinks she'll be lonely and bored. But when she finds a rusty old key and discovers a secret cousin she never knew she had, everything at Misselthwaite Manor changes.

Collins Big Cat, Band 17, Diamond: Wuthering Heights (PDF)

by Emily Bronte Emma Carroll

Rediscover Emily Bronte's terrifying novel of revenge and hatred set on the wild Yorkshire moors. When an orphaned boy embarks on a lifelong mission to punish two wealthy families, he begins a chain of unbelievable events. But, will the prize be worth all the heartache caused along the way?

Collins Big Cat, Band 17, Diamond: The Three Musketeers (PDF)

by Alexandre Dumas Martin Howard

Follow the exciting adventure of D'Artagnan as he desperately tries to fight for a place as one of the King's Musketeers, in this gripping retelling of Alexandre Dumas' classic story. Will D'Artagnan have the courage, bravery and skill to join the finest swordsmen in all of France?Diamond/Band 17 books offer more complex, underlying themes to give opportunities for children to understand causes and points of view.

Collins Big Cat, Band 18, Pearl: The 39 Steps (PDF)

by John Buchan Andrew Lane

Revisit John Buchan's classic adventure story of danger and intrigue, as hero Richard Hannay desperately tries to escape being caught for a murder he didn't commit. The question is, can he stop the mysterious forces, which threaten the safety of the world while he's on the run?

Collins Big Cat, Band 18, Pearl: Frankenstein (PDF)

by Mary Shelley Beverley Birch

When Frankenstein creates a monster, he never expects it to be such a huge threat to society, what will he have to do to stop it, and can he succeed before any more damage is done? Explore the fascinating dilemma of nature versus nurture in Mary Shelley's unforgettably dark thriller.

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