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The Querist

by George Berkley

Philosophical questions.

The Mirrors of Washington

by Clinton W. Gilbert John Kirby

This classic text features audacious disclosures concerning fourteen American political leaders in Washington.

The Expansion Of Europe

by Ramsay Muir

A survey of Imperialist Europe, with particular regard to the British Empire.

Erewhon Revisited

by Samuel Butler

Erewhon Revisited

The Spanish Holocaust: Inquisition And Extermination In Twentieth-century Spain (PDF)

by Paul Preston

Selected as the Sunday Times History Book of the Year for 2012, this is a meticulous work of scholarship from the foremost historian of 20th-century Spain. The culmination of more than a decade of research, 'The Spanish Holocaust' seeks to reflect the intense horrors visited upon Spain during its ferocious civil war, the consequences of which still reverberate bitterly today. The brutal, murderous persecution of Spaniards between 1936 and 1945 is a truth that should have been told long ago. Paul Preston here offers the first comprehensive picture of what he terms "the Spanish Holocaust": mass extra-judicial murder of some 200,000 victims, cursory military trials, torture, the systematic abuse of women and children, sweeping imprisonment, the horrors of exile. Those culpable for crimes committed on both sides of the Civil War are named; their victims identified. 'The Spanish Holocaust' illuminates one of the darkest, least-known eras of modern European history.

Popper Modern Master (PDF)

by Bryan Magee

Karl Popper has been hailed as the greatest philosopher of all time and as a thinker whose influence is ackowledged by a variety of scholars. This work demonstrates Popper's importance across the whole range of philosophy and provides an introduction to the main themes of philosophy itself.

A History of the Soviet Union 1917-1991 (PDF)

by King Geoffrey Hm

The author traces the evolution of the Soviet political system from its origins in 1917 to the present day. He shows how power has rarely been devolved outside a particularly tightly-knit ruling elite.

The Five Giants: A Biography Of The Welfare State (PDF)

by Nicholas Timmins

Ever since 1942, when Sir William Beveridge first identified the five evils haunting Britain - want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness - and proposed that the government do something to combat each of them, the welfare state has been the most important, most controversial, most politicized, most expensive and most loved element in British public life. Even those who seek to dismantle it agree that it represents the British state's finest single achievement. It proves what can be done when the best intentions are allied with a strong political will and, of course, the cash of ordinary Britons.

IOU: The Debt Threat and Why We Must Defuse It (PDF)

by Noreena Hertz

For every $1 the west gives to developing countries in aid, developing countries pay the west $9 in debt service. At the beginning of the new millennium we are witnessing a global debt crisis of unprecedented size. Sub-Saharan Africa owes $200 billion, Brazil $223.8 billion, Argentina $155 billion. Why does this matter? In this shocking, ground-breaking book, Noreena Hertz shows that these numbers matter because they account for millions of people dying of AIDS; for the rainforests being cut down; for poverty, illiteracy, terrorism and war. These numbers matter because they will affect all of our lives if the balance is not redressed. ‘IOU’ is a story of avarice but also of vulnerability; of power asymmetries and misuse of power; of corrupt dictators and careless lenders; of Cold War interests and Wall Street pressure; of third world governments who get given it, and third world people who have no access to it. Noreena Hertz, one of the world's leading experts on economic globalisation, argues that this is not an issue of left or right: it is an issue of right versus wrong; of peace versus war. It must be addressed now.

Sacred Causes: Religion And Politics From The European Dictators To Al Qaeda (PDF)

by Michael Burleigh

Populated by many of the most iconic figures of the twentieth-century, ‘Sacred Causes’ provides a brilliant examination of how religion has shaped twentieth-century Europe from the Great War until the modern-day ‘War on Terror’. Beginning with the chaotic post-World War I landscape in which religious belief was one way of reordering a world knocked off its axis, ‘Sacred Causes’ is a sweepingly assured critique of how religion has often been camouflaged by politics. Covering a vast canvas, Burleigh examines the many 'secular' religions the twentieth-century produced, analysing how successive totalitarian leaders fantasised and aped the hierarchy, rites and ritual of the churches in the desire to return to the day where ruler and deity were one. All the many bloody regimes and movements of the century are here, from Stalin's Soviet Union, Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy, Franco's Spain through to the modern scourge of terrorism the current 'War on Terror'. Often blackly comic, the book shows how the church has been swayed by – and contributed to – conflicting secular currents. He traces religious beliefs and institutions from a time when the church, disenchanted with both democracy and fascism, began to search for political alternatives. During the Second World War, the churches faced agonising dilemmas, notably how to respond to the Holocaust. Combining the deeper workings of history with an urgent sense of the contemporary relevance of his material, Burleigh challenges his readers to consider why no-one foresaw the religious implications of massive Third World immigration, as well as what is driving current calls for a 'civic religion' with which to counter the terrorist threats which have so shocked the West.

Collins Health and Social Care (PDF)

by Mark Walsh Marilyn Billingham Mary Crittenden Alison Thomson Douglas Thomson

Endorsed by Edexcel. This full-colour text provides comprehensive coverage for the Edexcel Health & Social Care A2 award. Up-to-date case studies help the student to translate theory into real-life contexts. Unit 7: Meeting Individual NeedsUnit 8: Promoting Health and Well-beingUnit 9: Investigating DiseaseUnit 10: Understanding Research in Health and Social CareUnit 11: Social Issues and Welfare NeedsUnit 12: Understanding Human BehaviourGlossaryBibliographyIndex

The Spoils of War

by Gordon Kent

An exhilarating tale of modern espionage and adventure featuring US Navy intelligence officer Alan Craik.

Flagship History - International Relations 1879-2004 (PDF)

by Derrick Murphy Terry Morris

New for the 2008 specifications, this title includes material from the causes of the First World War to the conflict in Iraq. Includes historical interpretations, document source questions, explanation of difficult words and concepts, a study skills section for exam preparation and a companion website with visuals to support learning.

Daughters of Fire

by Barbara Erskine

The sweeping new novel from the bestselling author of ‘Hiding From the Light’ and ‘Whispers in the Sand’ switches between Roman Britain and the present day where history dramatically impacts on the lives of three women.

Portrait of an Unknown Woman

by Vanora Bennett

Perfect for fans of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’, this is a remarkable love story with a background of religious and political turmoil in Tudor England.

The Sixth Wife: A Novel

by Suzannah Dunn

A gripping novel of love, passion, betrayal and heartbreak. Katherine Parr survived Henry VIII to find true love with Thomas Seymour – only to realise that her love was based on a lie.

What Does China Think?

by Mark Leonard

An invigorating book about the debates raging within China. We all know about the fast pace of change in this country. This book brings us the ideas being fought over in the country itself – from democracy to the idea of a ‘peaceful rise’. It challenges all of our assumptions about China.

Comrade Jim: The Spy Who Played For Spartak

by Jim Riordan

The true and remarkable story of the English double agent who ended up playing for Spartak Moscow.

Cameron: The Rise Of The New Conservative

by Francis Elliott James Hanning

A fully updated edition of Cameron: The Rise of the New Conservative, the first major biography of David Cameron, and now covering his first years as Prime Minister and leader of the coalition government.

The Age of the Warrior: Selected Writings

by Robert Fisk

A selection of Robert Fisk's finest 'Comment' pieces from the Saturday ‘Independent’.

A Good Land

by Nada Awar Jarrar

Small truths, white lies; the many shades of friendship, all impacted by the harsh legacy of war…

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