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Against the Megamachine: Essays on Empire and its Enemies

by David Watson

David Watson's wide-ranging essays ponder such themes as the state, empire and war, humanity's tragic relation to the natural world, and the contemporary mass society generated by industrial capitalism and modern technology. His impassioned critique offers a vision of social transformation open to diverse possibilities, and suggests where a new politics must begin: as a radical challenge to the mystique of progress, in defense of nature, memory and spirit.

Secret Self - Finding the Power of You

by Paul Chaplin

Matrixial Logic: Forms of Inequality provided a revolutionary new analysis of how we actually think. How the logic of reality, and the logic of the mind actually work.Secret Self: Finding the Power of You, is the companion volume. In Secret Self, there is presented a radical new Systems Architecture of the human Self. Making sense at last of how it is that we think and feel.The Systems Architecture of Secret Self reveals the hidden processes which allow us to function as, to be, individual selves. Whilst many paradoxes are revealed, the Self is not so secret any more.With dozens of dramatic Experiences for the reader to undertake, this is not only a book of theory and analysis. The reader can, through their own directed Experiences, really come to understand:MentationThe way that we can think governs what we can thinkEmotionWhat we can emote governs how we emoteSecret Self also introduces the new sciences of Biomorphics and Psychotectics, founded in the scientific discoveries of matrixial Self Systems Architecture. These are the new sciences which allow astonishing therapeutic interventions. Techniques which work instantly.Including for example: Anxiety Autism Fibromyalgia Neurological Disorders Obsessions Panic Attacks Rapid Healing Sleep Disorders Sports Injuries Stress Traumatic Memory Disorders By unlocking the secrets of the Self, we uncover dramatic new ways of helping ourselves.

Think and Grow Rich: The All-Time Masterpiece on Unlocking Your Potential--In Its Original 1937 Edition

by Napoleon Hill

An affordable, beautifully produced reproduction of the vintage text of Napoleon Hill's original landmark--this is the legendary program, just as it reached readers in 1937.You want to dip into Think and Grow Rich ... you've heard about it from friends and coworkers ... you see people reading it ... and you feel it's time for a change in life. But where do you start? RIGHT HERE. Think and Grow Rich: The Classic Edition is a handsome, reliable, inexpensive, and compact volume that features the full 1937 text, just as it appeared on its first day of publication, before the book lit up millions of lives and became known around the world. This is a volume you will want to read, reread, cherish--and then share with friends and loved ones. And it is priced so affordably that you can do just that. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Water Of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy

by John W Armstrong

In this revolutionary treatise, J W Armstrong puts the compelling case that all diseases (except those caused by traumatism or structural disorders) can be cured by one simple means: urine therapy. The therapy is an entirely natural treatment, a drugless system of healing that treats the body as a whole. Moreover, the only ingredient needed is a substance manufactured in the body itself, rich in mineral salts, hormones and other vital substances, namely human urine. It may seem strange to take back into the body something that the body is apparently discarding. Yet the theory is similar to the natural practice of organic composting. Fallen leaves, when dug back into the soil, provide valuable mineral salts to nourish new plant life. The same principle holds true for the human body.

Coping with Envy

by Windy Dryden

Envy can be a surprising dynamic in close relationships. Sometimes this is positive and may energise people so that they accomplish more than they would otherwise have - the urge to prove oneself to one's nearest and dearest can result in great personal fulfilment. However, carried too far, there's little doubt that envy causes many unwanted and unnecessary emotions, and interferes with everyday life, its achievements, accomplishments, and gifts. This book looks at envy as a force that can be directed to constructive effect. It explains how to use envy to motivate yourself and to accomplish your own personal goals; it also gives directions on how to recognise when enough is enough and you need to get off the envy train! It also explores what to do when someone close envies you - how far it's valuable to confront the person directly, and if so, the kinds of points you may want to make while airing the topic in conversation. Overall, the focus is on acceptance and integration rather than eradication.

Anthroposophy and the Inner Life: An Esoteric Introduction

by Rudolf Steiner

Although these nine lectures were given to an audience that had been studying anthroposophy, or spiritual science, for many years, they were nevertheless described by Rudolf Steiner as an ‘introductory course’. Given shortly after the Christmas Foundation Meeting, in which Rudolf Steiner refounded and renewed the Anthroposophical Society, these lectures reformulate the content of spiritual science from a condensed, personal, experiential point of view. What Steiner presented in his fundamental work Theosophy in a descriptive, systematic way, is complemented here with great intensity, challenging us to cultivate a living experience of the spiritual nature of ourselves and of the world. This volume is therefore an invaluable companion to the book Theosophy. Given the unique nature of these lectures, they are suitable for both the advanced student and the beginner who wishes to embark on an exploration, however tentative, of the vast range of Rudolf Steiner’s work.

Human and Cosmic Thought

by Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner demonstrates that there are twelve main philosophical standpoints, and that the future of philosophy rests not upon defending one and refuting the others, but in learning to experience the validity of them all.What convinces us of the truth of a certain point of view? Why do we find it difficult to comprehend viewpoints that differ from our own? What are the inner foundations of our knowledge? In these concentrated and aphoristic lectures, Steiner speaks of twelve main philosophical standpoints, and the importance of understanding each of them. An appreciation of the variety of possible world views not only sharpens and makes more flexible our own powers of thinking, but helps us to overcome a narrow-minded one-sidedness, promoting tolerance of other people and their opinions.Steiner goes on to explain how each standpoint is also coloured by a particular ‘soul mood’, which influences the way we actively pursue knowledge. Several philosophers and their works are characterised in this manner, throwing light on their contributions to human culture. Through such insight into the true nature of human thinking, we are led to understand the quality of cosmic thought and how, in Rudolf Steiner’s words, the human being can be seen as a ‘thought which is thought by the Hierarchies of the cosmos’.

Connections: A Story of Human Feeling

by Karl Deisseroth

In this riveting journey through the hidden realms of the human mind, a world-renowned psychiatrist and neuroscientist explores the origins of human emotion, and examines what mental illnesses reveal about all of us - how the broken can illuminate the unbroken.'Remarkable ... he has reimagined and redefined what literary non-fiction can be ... poetic, mind-stretching, and through it all, deeply human' Daniel Levitin'Revelatory ... it recalls the case histories of Oliver Sacks, at times the sweep of Yuval Harari's Sapiens. He writes with an evident love of words - but also, with a lucid line of scientific enquiry' GuardianWhy do we feel what we feel? Mental illness is one of the greatest causes of human suffering, but the reasons we bear this burden, and the nature of these diseases, have remained mysterious. Now, our understanding has reached a tipping point. In Connections, Professor Karl Deisseroth intertwines gripping case studies from his experience as an emergency psychiatry physician, with breakthrough scientific discoveries from astounding new technology (including optogenetics, which he developed to allow turning specific brain cells on or off, with light).By linking insights from this technology to deeply moving stories of his patients and to our shared evolutionary history, Deisseroth tells a larger story about the origins of human emotion. A young woman with an eating disorder reveals how the mind can rebel against the brain's most primitive drives of hunger and thirst; an older man, smothered into silence by dementia, shows how humans evolved to feel joy and its absence; and a lonely Uyghur woman far from her homeland teaches both the importance - and challenges - of deep social bonds.Addressing some of the most timeless questions about the human condition while illuminating the roots of misunderstood disorders such as depression, psychosis, schizophrenia and sociopathy, Connections transforms the way we understand the brain, and our selves.

The Quick And Easy Way To Effective Speaking

by Dale Carnegie

Good public speakers are made, not born - or so thinks Dale Carnegie, the pioneer of personal business skills. Yet business, social and personal satisfaction depend heavily upon a person's ability to communicate clearly. Public speaking is an important skill which anyone can acquire and develop. It is also the very best method of overcoming self-consciousness and building confidence, courage and enthusiasm. This classic, well established title has been called 'the most brilliant book of its kind'. It takes you step by step through:-Acquiring basic public speaking skills-Building confidence -Speaking effectively the quick and easy way -Earning the right to talk -Vitalising your talk -Sharing the talk with the audience as well as organisation and presentation skills

The Road Less Travelled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth (Arrow New-age Ser.)

by M. Scott Peck

Confronting and solving problems is a painful process which most of us attempt to avoid. Avoiding resolution results in greater pain and an inability to grow both mentally and spiritually. Drawing heavily on his own professional experience, Dr M. Scott Peck, a psychiatrist, suggests ways in which facing our difficulties - and suffering through the changes - can enable us to reach a higher level of self-understanding. He discusses the nature of loving relationships: how to distinguish dependency from love; how to become one's own person and how to be a more sensitive parent.This is a book that can show you how to embrace reality and yet achieve serenity and a richer existence. Hugely influential, it has now sold over ten million copies - and has changed many people's lives round the globe. It may change yours.

The Magic of Thinking Big (A\fireside Book Ser.)

by David J Schwartz

More than 6 million readers around the world have improved their lives by reading The Magic of Thinking Big. First published in 1959, David J Schwartz's classic teachings are as powerful today as they were then. Practical, empowering and hugely engaging, this book will not only inspire you, it will give you the tools to change your life for the better - starting from now. His step-by-step approach will show you how to: - Defeat disbelief and the negative power it creates- Make your mind produce positive thoughts- Plan a concrete success-building programme- Do more and do it better by turning on your creative power- Capitalise on the power of NOWUpdated for the 21st century, this is your go-to guide to a better life, starting with the way you think.

A Grief Observed (Faber Paperbacks Ser.)

by C.S. Lewis

A Grief Observed comprises the reflections of the great scholar and Christian on the death of his wife after only a few short years of marriage. Painfully honest in its dissection of his thoughts and feelings, this is a book that details his paralysing grief, bewilderment and sense of loss in simple and moving prose. Invaluable as an insight into the grieving process just as much as it is as an exploration of religious doubt, A Grief Observed will continue to offer its consoling insights to a huge range of readers, as it has for over fifty years. 'A classic of the genre, a literary answer to the pain of loss.' Robert McCrum

Brilliant Brain Training: Brilliant Brain Training (Flash)

by Simon Wootton Terry Horne

The books in this bite-sized new series contain no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making them ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious. Brilliant Brain Training is a quick, no-effort solution for those who want to buff up their brain power. In just 96 pages,readers will discover fun and challenging exercises that will give them mental agility in every area.

Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships

by Eric Berne

Do you realise you, and all the people you know, play games? All the time? Sexual games, marital games, complex games that you’re not even aware of as you go about your usual life? You might play games like ‘Alcoholic’ or ‘The Frigid Woman' at weekends, or perhaps 'Ain't it awful' or ‘Kick me’ while you’re at work.First published in the 1960s and recognized as a classic work of its kind by professionals, the bestselling ‘Games People Play’ is also an accessible and fascinating read. It is a wise, original, witty and very sensible analysis of the games we play in order to live with one another – and with ourselves.

Absolute Surrender

by Andrew Murray

'My Lord, O King, according to thy saying, I am thine, and all that I have.'Words of absolute surrender with which every child of God ought to yield himself to his Father. If our hearts are willing for that, there is no end to what God will do for us, and to the blessing God will bestow.'How many times have you left a prayer meeting or revival service determined to dedicate every area of your life to God, only to feel frustrated and defeated a few days later? We all want to be absolutely surrendered to God, and yet we hardly dare utter the words. We don't exactly know how.Andrew Murray clearly and simply explains full surrender to God and shows the way to a victorious life in Him.

As a Matter of Course

by Annie Payson Call

Annie Call wrote for The Ladies Home Journal. Her main interest was mental health. Call states that when we no longer put up resistance to the things in life that seem to be painful and evil we can then reach interior freedom. We free our natural love of self. The preface begins, "The aim of this book is to assist towards the removal of nervous irritants, which are not only the cause of much physical disease, but materially interfere with the best possibilities of usefulness and pleasure in everyday life." Topics covered include physical care, amusements, brain impressions, the triviality of trivialities, moods, tolerance, sympathy, others, one's self, children, illness, sentiment versus sentimentality, and problems.

Building Strategy and Performance

by Kim Warren

The fundamental challenge facing business leaders is to drive performance into the future--the dynamics of strategy. To tackle this effectively, they need a clear understanding of what causes performance to improve or deteriorate and what power they have to change this trajectory for the better. Without this understanding, they risk making poor choices about their future--failing to exploit promising opportunities, pursuing unachievable aims, or falling victim to competitive and other threats. Building Strategy and Performance Through Time sets the agenda for building business strategy in powerful, actionable, and accessible terms. It gives executives clear frameworks for answering three fundamental questions: * Why is our business performance following its current path? * Where is it going if we carry on as we are? * How can we design a robust strategy to transform this future? The existing strategy tools most widely used help guide management's choices about where to compete--which customers to serve, with what products and services, and how to deliver those products and services to those customers effectively and profitably. While this choice is important, it is not often changed in any fundamental way; having found a reasonably strong and profitable position on these issues, few firms will, or should, set off in a new direction. But there is still much to be done to deliver that strategy, powerfully and sustainably over time. Many decisions need to be made, continually and holistically, across all functions of the business and adapted as conditions change from month to month and year to year. Pricing, product development, marketing, hiring, service levels, and other decisions cannot be made in isolation but must take into account other choices being made, elsewhere and at different times. Building Strategy and Performance Through Time explains a reliable, practical method, known as strategy dynamics, that creates a living picture of how an enterprise actually works and delivers performance. This picture shows exactly where the levers are that management controls and how to choose what to do, when, and how much, to accomplish your specific goals. It shows, too, how the same approach can be used to defeat competitors, cope with other outside forces, and keep delivering performance.

The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn: The Game Of Life And How To Play It; Your Word Is Your Wand; The Secret Door To Success; And The Power Of The Spoken Word (Dover Empower Your Life)

by Florence Scovel Shinn

Florence Scovel Shinn taught generations of readers how to live richer, fuller lives with her four empowering classics: The Game of Life and How to Play It; Your Word Is Your Wand; The Secret Door to Success; and The Power of the Spoken Word. This volume collects all four of those works, offering a wealth of affirmations and real-life success stories. Self-improvement expert Norman Vincent Peale praised Shinn's works as essential guides, helping readers to "find prosperity, solve problems, and have better health."

Eleanor Roosevelt's Book of Common Sense Etiquette

by Eleanor Roosevelt

In an era of incivility, discover a timeless guide to good manners from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. “The basis of all good human behavior is kindness,” says Eleanor Roosevelt in this classic handbook, first published in 1962 as a “modern book of etiquette for modern Americans.” As a politician, diplomat, and activist, as well as the longest-serving First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Roosevelt knew that thoughtful, civil behavior was essential to peaceful, productive relationships. In this etiquette guide, she teaches that decorum is not about strict adherence to formal rules; it is about approaching all social situations with consideration for others. She advises, “If ever you find yourself in a situation in which following a formal rule would be manifestly unkind, forget it, and be kind instead.” Drawing from her personal and professional experiences, Roosevelt covers a broad range of topics, including business dealings and family affairs, writing letters and receiving guests, and entertaining at home and traveling abroad. Beginning with the necessity of good manners between husband and wife, she considers the importance of courtesy in society at large and the role all Americans play as ambassadors of democracy while visiting foreign countries. In an era of incivility, Eleanor Roosevelt’s Book of Common Sense Etiquette is more relevant than ever. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Expository Thoughts on the Gospels: Mark

by J. C. Ryle

If the best way to understand the Christian Faith is to read the Gospels, then the next books in order of importance have to be those which aid in the understanding of those Gospels. Observing this need in his own parish, J. C. Ryle prepared his Expository Thoughts on the Gospels which have encircled the earth for more than a century with undiminished popularity and usefulness. Ryle's 'plain and pointed' words are a great stimulus to the reading of the Bible itself. While his chief aim is to help the reader to know Christ he also has another object in view. He writes so that his commentary on Mark can be read aloud to a group. Unlike many authors he is equally good, read or heard. There are many other fuller Commentaries on the Gospels, but no others make such compelling listening - whether it be in the family, in neighbourly groups, or over the air - as those of J. C. Ryle.


by Gail Hamilton

A Goat for Azazel: A Novel of Christian Origins (Testament Of Man Ser.)

by Vardis Fisher

LUST AND REDEMPTION, SIN AND SALVATION—THE EPIC NOVEL OF A YOUNG ROMAN IN THE FLESHPOTS OF AN ANCIENT WORLD.HE SAW HIS MOTHER BURNED AT THE STAKEThis soul-searching experience changed an innocent young Roman into a pleasure-seeking hedonist lusting for flesh. Yet, there was something about the new religion that obsessed him. What was it that made Christian martyrs go to their deaths with a smile on their lips?...Christ had preached love; only through love could man be re-born. So it was that Damon set out in search of the answers to puzzling riddles about love and lust, the spirit and the flesh, barbarian pantheism and gentle Christianity…The latest in Vardis Fisher’s TESTAMENT OF MAN series. ‘The most ambitious project in present-day fiction!’—The New York Herald TribuneDAMON SOUGHT LOVE—from Levilla, the beautiful young Christian, who withheld her ripe body from him;—from Murdia, the sensualist, who knew how to arouse men with passionate abandon;—from Ayla, the voluptuous dancing girl, whose cloying movements invited a strange relationship;—from the father he never knew; from the religion he yearned to believe in...Here is the fascinating odyssey of a young Roman who sated himself in the dissolute world of the First Century...until he finally found the goal of his quest for love in a new and sublime experience.

God's Faithfulness in Trials and Testings

by Sandy Edmonson

This short booklet is filled with encouraging insights, drawn from Scripture. The author writes with compassion, and explains Bible passages in a way that is clear and easy to understand. The author of this book donated a digital copy to Join us in thanking Crusader Books for providing its accessible digital book to this community.

How to Kiss Goodbye to Ana: Using Eft In Recovery From Anorexia

by Kim Marshall

Do you struggle with Ana (anorexia) or have a difficult relationship with food and body image? Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) have the potential to transform your life and put you on the path to recovery. Here, honest diary extracts relay Kim Marshall's own struggles with anorexia and bulimia, including time spent in a residential treatment centre, and how she discovered EFT and learned to quiet the negative voices that were blocking her recovery. Now fully-recovered and a certified EFT practitioner, Kim explains how to use the approach as a self-help tool. Including easy-to-follow EFT scripts and positive mantras to help you stay on the path to recovery, Kim explains how to use EFT to help overcome denial and fears about recovery from anorexia. This candid account of recovery from eating disorders shows how it is possible to deal with underlying emotional issues and achieve a more positive mindset.

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