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10 Blind Dates

by Ashley Elston

Would you let your family play matchmaker to help you get over a broken heart?Ashley Elston's 10 Blind Dates is the perfect Christmas treat: delicious, warm, funny, escapist YA romance.Sophie wants one thing for Christmas – time with her boyfriend Griffin. So when her parents plan a trip to visit her sister over the holiday, Sophie begs to be left behind with her grandparents and her boisterous extended family. But she and Griffin break up and she's devastated. Sophie’s grandmother, hating to see her so upset, devises a (not so) brilliant plan – to distract her from heartbreak. Over the next ten days, different family members will set Sophie up on ten different blind dates, which doesn't sound awkward at all . . . When Griffin turns up unexpectedly, it makes Sophie more confused than ever. Because maybe, just maybe, she’s started to have feelings for someone else. Someone who is definitely not available.Film rights have been bought by Matt Kaplan and Ace Antertainment, the team behind hit Netflix YA movie Jenny Han's To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Everything Everything screenwriter J. Mills Goodloe is attached to adapt the screenplay.

10 Things I Hate About Pinky: From the bestselling author of When Dimple Met Rishi

by Sandhya Menon

Pinky Kumar wears the social justice warrior badge with pride. From raccoon hospitals to persecuted rockstars, no cause is too esoteric for her to champion. But a teeny tiny part of her also really enjoys making her conservative, buttoned-up corporate lawyer parents cringe.Samir Jha might have a few . . . quirks remaining from the time he had to take care of his sick mother, like the endless lists he makes in his planner and the way he schedules every minute of every day, but those are good things. They make life predictable and steady.Pinky loves lazy summers at her parents' Cape Cod lake house, but after listening to them harangue her about the poor decisions (aka boyfriends) she's made, she hatches a plan. Get her sorta-friend-sorta-enemy - who is a total Harvard-bound Mama's boy - to pose as her perfect boyfriend for the summer.When Samir's internship falls through, leaving him with an unplanned summer, he gets a text from Pinky asking if he'll be her fake boyfriend in exchange for a new internship. He jumps at the opportunity; Pinky's a freak, but he can survive a summer with her if there's light at the end of the tunnel.As they bicker their way through lighthouses and butterfly habitats, sparks fly, and they both realize this will be a summer they'll never forget.

The 100 Complete Boxed Set (The 100)

by Kass Morgan

Read the books that inspired the CW show! All four thrilling novels in The 100 series are now available in this paperback boxed set. Ever since nuclear war destroyed our planet, humanity has been living on city-like spaceships hovering above the toxic surface. As far as anyone knows, no one has stepped foot on Earth in centuries--that is, until one hundred juvenile delinquents are sentenced to return and recolonize the hostile land. The future of the human race rests in their hands, but nothing can prepare the 100 for what they find on this strange and savage planet. Don't miss the book series that inspired the hit TV show. New York Times bestseller The 100, Day 21, Homecoming, and Rebellion are gathered together for the first time in this striking box set, perfect for fans and series newcomers alike.

100 Nasty Women of History: Brilliant, badass and completely fearless women everyone should know

by Hannah Jewell

'Vital reading' STYLIST'Because 100 Nasty Women is so easy to read and witty, I didn't expect it to be the life changing, important book that I'm discovering it to be' PHILIPPA PERRY* * * * * *These are the women who were deemed too nasty for their times. When you learn about (the very few) women in history, it's hard not to wonder: why do they seem so prim and proper? The truth is, (mostly male) historians keep glossing over the real details, or leaving out the women who threatened their idea of what a woman should be like. Fake news!But fret not. Former Buzzfeed senior writer and Washington Post pop culture host Hannah Jewell has got you covered. In 100 Nasty Women of History, Hannah will give you the brief on, among others:Aethelflaed, who fought off Vikings at her wedding;Ching Shih, a swashbuckling pirate known as 'The Terror of South China';Ida B. Wells-Barnett, who fought racism with the point of her pen;Lilian Bland, who built her own plane and flew it;Rani Chennamma, who was a (literal) queen and went to war with the British;Nell Gwynn, one of the greatest hos in English history;Coccinelle, the first known trans woman to be legally married in France;Noor Inayat Khan, who may have literally punched Nazis.And that's just eight of them. So if you think that Nasty Women are a new thing, think again. They've always been around - you just haven't always heard of them. It's time to get learning. These are the 100 Nasty Women of History who gave zero f*cks whatsoever. These are the 100 Nasty Women of History whom everyone needs to know about, right now.'A fun, hilarious read that will make a fantastic addition to your feminist library and historical knowledge' ANN SHEN, author of Bad Girls Throughout History

101 Things for Kids to do Screen-Free (101 things)

by Dawn Isaac

'Packed with original ideas.' - the Telegraph on 101 Things for Kids To Do on a Rainy Day'A quarter of the price of a theme-park ticket and delivers significantly better value for money.' - the Independent on 101 Things for Kids To Do Outside From bestselling kids' activity author Dawn Isaac comes this exciting new volume full of creative, fun and occasionally silly ideas for games and activities. From creating a mini golf course to mastering hands-free eating, from squirt gun painting to microwave mug cakes, every single activity is fun, easy and 100 per cent screen free. With exciting makes including no-sew sock creatures and stress balls, and wacky games such as outdoor noughts and crosses and thumb wrestling tournaments, Dawn's engaging and entertaining ideas are sure to provide hours of fun.So put away your tablets and mobile phones, switch off the TV and leave the computer alone - it's time to get screen free.

11+ Comprehension Results Booster for the CEM tests: Targeted Practice Workbook (PDF)

by Collins Uk Staff Philip Mcmahon

Boost your child's 11+ test performance using Letts 11+ Results Boosters. Written in partnership with the 11+ Tutoring Academy, these expert resources fully prepare children in specific skills needed to pass the test. Created in partnership with the 11 Plus Tutoring Academy and intended to improve specific skills areas, Letts 11+ Results Boosters help to build confidence and ensure success in the CEM 11+ selection tests. Included in this book: Plenty of practice and guidance in comprehension questions used in the CEM 11+ test; a complete set of answers with explanations and notes for parents; a score sheet to track scores over multiple attempts.

12th Standard sangeet GSTB Gujrat rajya sala pathyapustak mandal gandhinagar

by Giriraj Bhojak Shri Deepak Rana Mrs. Pragya Vaidya Kamlesh Swami Shri Gandhi

સૈદ્ધાંતિક વિભાગ માં ૫ પાઠ આપેલ છે.જેમાં પારિભાષિક શબ્દો,મૂળભૂત શબ્દોની સમજૂતી,લય અને લયકારી,સાંગીતિક વિચાર ,જીવનચરિત્ર આપેલ છે.

13 Little Blue Envelopes (13 Little Blue Envelopes Ser. #1)

by Maureen Johnson

Everything about Ginny will change this summer, and it’s all because of 13 little blue envelopes…

147 Things: A hilariously brilliant guide to this thing called life

by Jim Chapman

'It's Sapiens for teenagers.' The TimesLIFE IS WEIRD.Nothing gives you a sense of perspective like finding out just how weird.I'm an extremely curious chap and with this book I wanted to share the content of my noggin, because I think these are the 147 things that have helped me through this thing we call life. Sometimes because it shows how lucky we are to be here at all, but often because I’m a moron and learned whatever lesson it taught me the hard way, and I’d like to save you the pain of making the same mistakes (I refer here to the waxing of my pubic hair).Ever wondered if first times are over-rated (hint: they are), whether you’ll ever find the one (hint: there are 7 billion of us) or pondered the sheer unlikelihood of the you who is you being in the world right now? If so, then YouTube superstar and fact-obsessed, over-sharer Jim Chapman is here to explain it all – whether it’s why your heart actually aches after a break-up, what’s happening when you get hangry, or why people are just so plain RUDE online.Along the way, we’ll find out how much fun he has when Tanya’s sleep-talking and why he looked like a gangly T-rex with wonky teeth when he was a teenager. As with his videos, no subject is off-limits, as Jim lifts the lid on his life and his relationships, sharing embarrassing stories and things he’s learnt along the way (trust us, the thing about kangaroos will really freak you out).

17 Martin Street

by Marilyn Taylor

A web of secrets can risk lives … When Hetty’s family move to Martin Street near Portobello bridge in Dublin, they’re not sure of their welcome. And next door, Ben’s family are not sure about their new Jewish neighbours: it’s The Emergency and they are suspicious of strangers. But for Ben, the chance to earn a few pence is too great and secretly he does odd jobs for them. And there’s a bigger secret: Renata, a World War Two refugee, is on the run in the city. Hetty is determined to rescue her. The web of secrets begins to unravel and there are lives at risk. Can Hetty and Ben overcome their differences and save Renata, or are they just meddling in things they know too little about?

19 Love Songs

by David Levithan

From the genius of New York Times bestselling author David Levithan, author of Every Day, Marly's Ghost and co-author of Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, comes a collection of short stories ('tracks') celebrating love in all of its wonderful, life-affirming and at times heart-breaking forms.

2021 Guide to the Night Sky: A Month-by-month Guide To Exploring The Skies Above Britain And Ireland

by Storm Dunlop Wil Tirion Royal Observatory Greenwich

“This is a great guide to the night sky at a great price”Astronomy Now “A handy and straightforward guide … attractive little booklet” British Astronomical Association's 'Journal' “an ideal Christmas stocking-filler” The Observatory

2021 Guide to the Night Sky: A Month-by-month Guide To Exploring The Skies Above North America

by Storm Dunlop Wil Tirion Royal Observatory Greenwich

This is the ideal resource for beginners and experienced stargazers in the United States and Canada, and has been updated to include new and practical information covering events occurring in North America's night sky throughout 2021.

2021 Guide to the Night Sky Southern Hemisphere: A Month-by-month Guide To Exploring The Skies Above Australia, New Zealand And South Africa

by Storm Dunlop Wil Tirion

A comprehensive handbook to the planets, stars and constellations visible from the southern hemisphere. 6 pages for each month covering January–December 2021.

29 Dates (Hq Young Adult Ebook Ser.)

by Melissa de la Cruz

‘A heartwarming, sparkling romantic comedy… Completely unputdownable!’ Sandhya Menon, New York Times bestselling author of When Dimple Met Rishi How many dates will it take to find The One?

4th standard english gstb Gujrat rajya sala pathyapustak mandal gandhinagar

by Shri Patel Damayanti Umrah Nusrat Qadri Shri Korani

ધોરણ 4 અંગ્રેજી વિષયની વિદ્યાર્થી-આવૃત્તિ તૈયાર કરવામાં આવી છે.સેમિસ્ટર ૧ માં ૩ યુનિટ છે અને ૧ પુનરાવર્તન છે અને સેમિસ્ટર ૨ માં પણ ૩ યુનિટ છે અને પુનરાવર્તન સાથે પરિશિષ્ઠ પણ આપેલ છે.

The 57 Bus: A True Story of Two Teenagers and the Crime That Changed Their Lives

by Dashka Slater

Two teens growing up in Oakland, in California, in 2013. One, Sasha, was born male but identifies as agender, wears skirts and attends a private school. The other, Richard, is an African American from a poor part of Oakland who attends a rough public school. These two teens have no reason to meet, except for eight minutes every day they catch the same bus home. And one day, messing about, Richard spies Sasha napping and flicks the flame of his lighter to Sasha's skirt. Sasha wakes up in a ball of flame, and begins to scream. What happens next, as both the teens and the community struggle to come to terms with their sadness and shock, is a story of recovery, reconciliation, forgiveness and, above all, hope. It's about bravery, the good and bad in all of us, and the power of being true to yourself. And, remarkably, it's all true.

The 7 Secrets of Raising Happy Eaters: Why French kids eat everything and how yours can too!

by Karen Le Billon

Are mealtimes with your kids a source of frustration? Ever wonder how on earth to get them to eat the recommended five servings of fruits and veggies per day (or even per week)? The 7 Secrets of Raising Happy Eaters is a practical and engaging guide for parents eager to get past their children's food resistance - or to avoid it altogether. The book introduces 7 Secrets of Raising Eager Eaters. Secrets include: Secret 1: Teach your child to eat, just like you teach them to read! Secret 6: 'Teach me to do it myself'. Child participation is every parent's secret weapon. Karen LeBillon, author of French Kids Eat Everything, coaches readers through the process of taste training, including strategies, games and experiments that will encourage even reluctant eaters to branch out. Over 100 delicious, kid-tested, age-appropriate recipes lead families step-by-step through the process of learning to love new foods, enabling kids to really enjoy the foods we know they should be eating. Wise and compelling, The 7 Secrets of Raising Happy Eaters is grounded in revolutionary new research on the science of taste. Packed full of observations from real-life families, it provides everything parents need to transform their children - from babies to toddlers to teens -into good eaters for life.

7th Standard samajik vignan semester 1 Gujrat rajya sala pathyapustak mandal gandhinagar: ધોરણ 7 પ્રથમ સત્ર સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન ગુજરાત રાજ્ય શાળા પાઠ્યપુસ્તક મંડળ ગાંધીનગર

by Rajesh Sumera Harjibhai Prajapati Paresh Butterfly Tarun Kumar Cot Left Ankur Desai Quality Wise Shilpaben Modi Eastern sentiment Haribhai Manani Narasimhabha Rohit Trivedi Nilesh Pandya Pankaj Prajapati Dakshesh Prajapati Devendra Sarawia

1. બે મહારાજ્યો પાઠમાં બે 1. કનોજ અને 2. વાતાપી વિષે વિસ્તૃત માહિતી આપેલ છે ,બીજા પાઠમાં પૃથ્વી ફરે છે ભમરડો, ચકરડી વગેરે રમકડાંથી તમે રમો છો. તે નિશ્ચિત રીતે પોતાની ધરી પર ફરે છે. આવી જ રીતે આપણી પૃથ્વી પણ ફરે છે. બ્રહ્માંડના દરેક ગતિમાન પદાર્થોની જેમ પૃથ્વીની પણ બે પ્રકારની ગતિ છે તે વિષે સરસ માહિતી બાળકો ને આપેલ છે . પાઠ 3 સરકાર તમે છાપાંઓમાં “સરકાર' શબ્દ વારંવાર વાંચ્યો હશે અથવા રેડિયો કે ટી.વી. પર સમાચારમાં “સરકાર' શબ્દ સાંભળ્યો હશે. સરકાર એટલે શું? તેનાં કાર્યો અને તેનું આપણા જીવનમાં શું મહત્ત્વ છે? એ વાત આપણે જાણીશુ આ પાઠ ના માધ્યમ થી , 5.સ્થળ અને સમય પૃથ્વીના ગોળા પર આડી અને ઊભી રેખાઓ શાની છે ? આ રેખાઓ કાલ્પનિક છે. તે પૃથ્વી પર દોરેલી નથી તે સરસ રીતે સમજાવેલ છે , પુનરાવર્તન.-1 આપેલ છે,પાઠ 6 ભારત: સ્થાન, સીમા, વિસ્તાર અને ભૂપૃષ્ઠ તમે ધોરણ 6માં ગુજરાતનાં સ્થાન, સીમા, વિસ્તાર અને ભૂપૃષ્ઠ વિશે શીખી ગયા છો. હવે આપણે ભારત વિશેની માહિતી મેળવીએ.આ પાઠ ના માધ્યમ થી ,પાઠ 7 માં .મધ્યયુગનું દિલ્લીદર્શન ભગવતીબહેન ઉત્તર ભારતના પ્રવાસે ગયાં હતાં. તેમને ઇતિહાસનો શોખ હતો. આથી તેમણે તેમની ડાયરીમાં દિલ્લીના શાસકો વિષયક નોંધ કરી હતી તે આપણે જાણીશું, 9. રાજ્યની શાસનવ્યવસ્થા આપણા દેશનો વહીવટ ત્રણ સ્તર પર થાય છે– સ્થાનિક કક્ષાએ, રાજ્ય કક્ષાએ અને કેન્દ્ર કક્ષાએ. સ્થાનિક સ્વરાજ્યની સંસ્થાઓની કામગીરી વિશેની જાણકારી આપણી પાસે છે. આ પાઠમાં આપણે લોકશાહીમાં રાજ્ય સ્તરે કેવી રીતે વહીવટ (શાસન) થાય છે ? રાજ્ય સરકાર કયાં કયાં કામો કરે છે ? વિધાનસભાના સભ્યો અને મંત્રીઓની શી ભૂમિકા છે? લોકો સરકાર સમક્ષ કઈ રીતે પોતાના પ્રશ્નોની રજૂઆત કરે છે ? લોકો શાસનની સામે પોતાના વિચાર કઈ રીતે મૂકે છે ? કોઈ કાર્યની માગણી કેવી રીતે કરે છે ? આ પ્રશ્નો પર વિચાર કરવા આપણે આરોગ્ય સંબંધી એક પ્રસંગનું ઉદાહરણ લઈશું,ત્યાર બાદ પુનરાવર્તન 2 મારી વાત આપેલ છે .

9 From the Nine Worlds: Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

by Rick Riordan

An all-new collection of short stories from the world of Magnus Chase!Travel the Nine Worlds with your favourite characters from the world of Magnus Chase in a brand-new series of adventures.Find out why Amir Fadlan hates clothes shopping in Midgard, see how Mallory Keen learns in icy Niflheim that insulting a dragon can be a good idea, and join Alex Fierro as they play with fire (and a disco sword) in the home of the fire giants, Muspellheim.But watch out for Thor, who is jogging through all Nine Worlds so he can log his million steps - and is raising quite a stink . . .

928 Miles from Home

by Kim Slater

Fourteen year old Calum Brooks has big dreams. One day, he'll escape this boring life and write movies, proper ones, with massive budgets and A-list stars. For now though, he's stuck coping alone while his dad works away, writing scripts in his head and trying to stay 'in' with his gang of mates at school, who don't like new kids, especially foreign ones.But when his father invites his new Polish girlfriend and her son, Sergei, to move in, Calum's life is turned upside down. He's actually sharing a room with 'the enemy'! How's he going to explain that to his mates? Yet when Calum is knocked down in a hit and run and breaks both legs, everything changes. Trapped at home, Calum and Sergei slowly start to understand each other, and even work together to investigate a series of break-ins at the local community centre. But Calum can't help feeling like Sergei's hiding something. Is he really trying to help, or cover up his own involvement in the crime?928 Miles from Home is a powerful new story from the multi-award-winning author of Smart and A Seven-Letter Word, Kim Slater.

Abandon (The Abandon Trilogy #1)

by Meg Cabot

Last year, Pierce died – just for a moment. And when she was in the space between life and death, she met John. Tall dark and terrifying, it's his job to usher souls from one realm to the next. There's a fierce attraction between them, which Pierce carries back into our world. But she knows that if she allows herself to fall for John she will be doomed to a life of shadows and loneliness in the Underworld. When things get dangerous for her, her only hope is to do exactly what John says. Can she trust a guy who lives for the dead?Inspired by Greek myth, Abandon is the first in a darkly romantic trilogy from Meg Cabot, creator of The Princess Diaries.

The Abandon Trilogy: Abandon, Underworld and Awaken (The Abandon Trilogy)

by Meg Cabot

The Abandon Trilogy is Meg Cabot's heart-stopping paranormal romance series all in one eBook bundle containing Abandon, Underworld and Awaken.Abandon: Last year, Pierce died – just for a moment. And when she was in the space between life and death, she met John: tall dark and terrifying, it's his job to usher souls from one realm to the next. There's a fierce attraction between them, but Pierce knows that if she allows herself to fall for John she will be doomed to a life of shadows and loneliness in the underworld. But now things are getting dangerous for her, and her only hope is to do exactly what John says . . .Underworld: Seventeen-year-old Pierce Oliviera isn't dead. Not this time. But she's been taken by John Hayden, Lord of the Underworld, to the place between heaven and hell where spirits gather before their final journey. John claims it's to protect her from the Furies, who are hell-bent on vengeance against him. But could he have other reasons for keeping Pierce close? When she learns that the people she loves back home are in mortal danger, can she convince John to release her to save them – or will the price he asks for her freedom prove too high?Awaken: Pierce Oliviera knew that by accepting the undying love of John Hayden she'd be forced to live forever in the one place she's always dreaded most: the Underworld. The sacrifice seemed worth it, but now her happiness and safety in the realm are threatened. The Furies have discovered that John has broken one of their strictest rules and revived a dead soul. If the balance of life and death isn't restored, both the Underworld and Pierce's home on Earth will be wiped out by the Furies' wrath. Pierce has already cheated death once . . . can she do it again?

Abela: The Girl Who Saw Lions

by Berlie Doherty

"Be strong, my Abela."These are the last words of Abela's mother in their HIV/Aids stricken African village, where it seems that to live or to die, to be sick or to be healthy, is just a matter of chance. It takes all Abela's strength to survive her Uncle Thomas's scheming to get to Europe, but what will be her fate as an illegal immigrant?"I don't want a sister or brother," thinks Rosa in England, when her mother tells her that she wants to adopt a child. Could these two girls ever become sisters? Is there room in Rosa's family for an African orphan haunted by lions? Is there room in their hearts?Abela is a powerful and moving story influenced by a visit to Africa, from the Carnegie Medal-winning author Berlie Doherty writing at her very best.

The Abominable Snowman Of Pasadena

by R. L. Stine

Jordan and his sister live in hot Pasadena, and just for once they'd like a real winter with real snow. Then their dad offers to take them to Alaska. But there's a catch. Dad wants to photograph the Abominable Snowman, but he's not camera-friendly.

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