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Millennium Development Goals and Community Initiatives in the Asia Pacific 4826698 Amita Singh, Eduardo T. Gonzalez and Stanley Bruce Thomson 9788132207603 2013 Contains images
The Global Financial Crisis: Genesis, Policy Response and Road Ahead 4798309 Satyendra Nayak 9788132207986 2013 Contains images
Liberalization, Growth and Regional Disparities in India (India Studies in Business and Economics) 4680798 Madhusudan Ghosh 9788132209812 2013 Contains images
Psychology, Development and Social Policy in India 2892026 R. C. Tripathi Yoganand Sinha 9788132210030 2014 Contains images
India’s Perception, Society, and Development: Essays Unpleasant 4807338 Arup Maharatna 9788132210177 2013
Development and Sustainability: India in a Global Perspective 4699091 Sarmila Banerjee and Anjan Chakrabarti 9788132211242 2013 Contains images
Momentum Trading on the Indian Stock Market (SpringerBriefs in Economics) 4720381 Chitrakalpa Sen Gagari Chakrabarti 9788132211273 2013 Contains images
Governing India's Northeast: Essays on Insurgency, Development and the Culture of Peace (SpringerBriefs in Political Science) 4747313 Samir Kumar Das 9788132211464 2013
Trade, Globalization and Development: Essays in Honour of Kalyan K. Sanyal 2892032 Sugata Marjit Rajat Acharyya 9788132211518 2014 Contains images
Women’s Political Participation in Bangladesh: Institutional Reforms, Actors and Outcomes 4674924 Pranab Kumar Panday 9788132212720 2013 Contains images
Soulful Corporations: A Values-Based Perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility (India Studies in Business and Economics) 2892037 Shashank Shah V.E. Ramamoorthy 9788132212751 2014 Contains images
The Economic Partnership Between India and Taiwan in a Post-ECFA Ecosystem (SpringerBriefs in Economics) 4624523 Joe Thomas Karackattu 9788132212782 2013 Contains images
Business Ethics: Texts and Cases from the Indian Perspective (India Studies in Business and Economics) 2892046 Ananda Das Gupta 9788132215189 2014 Contains images
Mission Mars: India's Quest for the Red Planet (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology) 2892047 Ajey Lele 9788132215219 2014 Contains images
Foreign Direct Investment in South Asia: Policy, Impact, Determinants and Challenges 2892051 Pravakar Sahoo Geethanjali Nataraj Ranjan Kumar Dash 9788132215363 2014 Contains images
The Biopolitics of Development: Reading Michel Foucault in the Postcolonial Present 4692917 Sandro Mezzadra, Julian Reid and Ranabir Samaddar 9788132215967 2013 Contains images
A Critical Impulse to e-Governance in the Asia Pacific 4619162 AMITA SINGH 9788132216322 2013 Contains images
Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility: Indian Perspectives 2892088 Subhasis Ray S. Siva Raju 9788132216537 2014 Contains images
Global Cooperation Among G20 Countries: Responding to the Crisis and Restoring Growth 2892090 Stephen Pickford Michael Callaghan Chetan Ghate Francis Xavier Rathinam 9788132216599 2014 Contains images
Public Sector Enterprises in India: The Impact of Disinvestment and Self Obligation on Financial Performance 2892109 Seema Gupta Surendra S. Yadav P.K. Jain 9788132217626 2014 Contains images
Myth and Rhetoric of the Turkish Model: Exploring Developmental Alternatives 2892110 Anita Sengupta 9788132217657 2014
Indian Skilled Migration and Development: To Europe and Back (Dynamics of Asian Development) 2892124 Christiane Kuptsch Gabriela Tejada Uttam Bhattacharya Binod Khadria 9788132218104 2014 Contains images
India-Pakistan Trade: Strengthening Economic Relations 2892191 Sanjib Pohit Nisha Taneja 9788132219491 2015 Contains images
Industrial and Labor Economics: Issues in Developing and Transition Countries (India Studies in Business and Economics #25) 2892276 Saibal Kar Debabrata Datta 9788132220176 2015 Contains images
India and China in the Emerging Dynamics of East Asia 2892366 G. V. C. Naidu Mumin Chen Raviprasad Narayanan 9788132221388 2015

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