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Infrastructural Being: Rethinking dwelling in a naturecultural world 5125294 Jarno Valkonen Veera Kinnunen Heikki Huilaja Teemu Loikkanen 9783031158278 2022 Contains images
Globalisation, Values Education and Teaching Democracy (Globalisation, Comparative Education and Policy Research #35) 5191239 Joseph Zajda Pamela Hallam John Whitehouse 9783031158964 2023 Contains images
Statecraft and the Political Economy of Capitalism (International Political Economy Series) 5151385 Joel T. Shelton Scott G. Nelson 9783031159718 2023
Manias, Panics, and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises 5223859 Robert Z. Aliber Charles P. Kindleberger Robert N. McCauley 9783031160080 2023 Contains images
Big Data and Public Policy: Course, Content and Outcome 5159601 Victor Bekkers Rebecca Moody 9783031160318 2023 Contains images
The International Legal Order in Global Governance: Norms, Power and Policy 4941342 Alain Germeaux 9783031160578 2022
Student and Skilled Labour Mobility in the Asia Pacific Region: Reflecting the Emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution (International and Development Education) 5164312 Deane E. Neubauer Shingo Ashizawa 9783031160653 2023 Contains images
The Referendum that Changed a Nation: Scottish Voting Behaviour 2014–2019 5121197 Robert Johns Ailsa Henderson Christopher J. Carman Jac M. Larner 9783031160950 2022 Contains images
Releasing Knowledge for Practice in Human and Social Service Organizations 4965320 David P. Moxley 9783031160981 2022 Contains images
Die Psychologie des Brexit: Erkenntnisse aus Verhaltenswissenschaft und Psychodrama 5188843 Brian M. Hughes 9783031161124 2022
Failures in Cultural Participation (Palgrave Studies in Cultural Participation) 5043776 David Stevenson Leila Jancovich 9783031161162 2023 Contains images
Securitisation as Hegemonic Discourse Formation: An Integrative Model (Contributions to International Relations) 4952649 Hannah Broecker 9783031162060 2022
Muslim Women as Speakers of English 5014362 Madiha Neelam 9783031162312 2022 Contains images
The Karabakh Conflict Between Armenia and Azerbaijan: Causes & Consequences 5021158 Michael M. Gunter M. Hakan Yavuz 9783031162626 2023 Contains images
Plural Policing in the Global North: Insights into Concepts, Aspects and Practices 5121190 Nathalie Hirschmann Tobias John Frauke Reichl Jacqueline Abigail Garand 9783031162732 2022 Contains images
Democracy and Political Governance in South Africa: The African Peer Review Mechanism (Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development) 5088585 Omololu Fagbadebo Isioma Ile 9783031163135 2023 Contains images
The Fall and Rise of National Interest: A Contemporary Approach 4968098 Serena Giusti 9783031163241 2022
Limits of Democracy: From the June 2013 Uprisings in Brazil to the Bolsonaro Government 4993710 Marcos Nobre 9783031163920 2022
Community Partnership Schools: Developing Innovative Practice Through University-Community Partnerships (Rethinking University-Community Policy Connections) 5157616 Jarrad D. Plante Amy Ellis 9783031164040 2023 Contains images
Politics and Security of Central and Eastern Europe: Contemporary Challenges (Contributions to Political Science) 5190377 Ryszard Zięba 9783031164194 2023 Contains images
Mobilization Constraints and Military Privatization: The Political Cost-Effectiveness of Outsourcing Security 5064645 Eugenio Cusumano 9783031164231 2023 Contains images
Understanding International Migration: Social, Cultural and Historical Contexts 5125327 Ross Bond 9783031164637 2022 Contains images
Global Challenges of Climate Change, Vol.1: Green Energy, Decarbonization, Forecasting the Green Transition (World-Systems Evolution and Global Futures) 5000097 Tessaleno Campos Devezas João Carlos Correia Leitão Yuri Yegorov Dmitry Chistilin 9783031164705 2022 Contains images
Global Challenges of Climate Change, Vol.2: Risk Assessment, Political and Social Dimension of the Green Energy Transition (World-Systems Evolution and Global Futures) 5000090 Tessaleno Campos Devezas João Carlos Correia Leitão Yuri Yegorov Dmitry Chistilin 9783031164774 2023 Contains images
The Impact of Protracted Peace Processes on Identities in Conflict: The Case of Israel and Palestine (Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies) 5123978 Joana Ricarte 9783031165672 2023 Contains images

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Showing 89,451 through 89,475 of 100,000 results