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Multidisciplinary Research Perspectives in Education: Shared Experiences from Australia and China 2904783 Indika Liyanage Badeng Nima 9789463006156 2016
The Omnipotent Presence and Power of Teacher-Student Transactional Communication Relationships in the Classroom: The So-Called “Post-Race Era” (Constructing Knowledge: Curriculum Studies in Action) 2904784 Frederick Alcorn 9789463006187 2016
Pre-university Engineering Education (INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION SERIES #1) 2904785 Marc Vries Lena Gumaelius Inga-Brit Skogh 9789463006217 2016
Statistics and Probability in High School 2904786 Carmen Batanero Manfred Borovcnik 9789463006248 2016
Visualising Powerful Knowledge to Develop the Expert Student: A Knowledge Structures Perspective on Teaching and Learning at University 2904787 Ian Kinchin 9789463006279 2016
Transformative Doctoral Research Practices for Professionals (Critical Issues in the Future of Learning and Teaching) 2904788 Julia Flutter Pamela Burnard Tatjana Dragovic Julie Alderton 9789463006309 2016
Artist-Teachers in Context: International Dialogues (Doing Arts Thinking: Arts Practice, Research and Education) 2904789 Raphael Vella 9789463006330 2016
How Higher Education Feels: Commentaries on Poems That Illuminate Emotions in Learning and Teaching (Imagination and Praxis: Criticality and Creativity in Education and Educational Research) 2904790 Kathleen Quinlan 9789463006361 2016
Asian/American Curricular Epistemicide: From Being Excluded to Becoming a Model Minority 2904791 Nicholas Hartlep Daniel Scott 9789463006392 2016
NextGeners: Pedagogical Considerations 2904792 Bryant Griffith 9789463006422 2016
Educational Technology and Polycontextual Bridging 2904793 Eyvind Elstad 9789463006453 2016
Digital Expectations and Experiences in Education 2904794 Eyvind Elstad 9789463006484 2016
Leveraging Social Capital in Systemic Education Reform (Contemporary Approaches to Research in Learning Innovations) 2904795 Myint Khine Ian Haslam 9789463006514 2016
The Global and the Local: Diverse Perspectives in Comparative Education (The World Council of Comparative Education Societies) 2904796 Motoko Akiba M. Astiz 9789463006545 2016
Encountering Personal Injury: Medical, Educational, Vocational and Psychosocial Perspectives on Disability (Studies in Inclusive Education) 2904797 James Athanasou 9789463006576 2016
Positioning Higher Education Institutions: From Here to There 2904837 James Williams Rosalind Pritchard Attila Pausits 9789463006606 2016
Diversifying the Teaching Force in Transnational Contexts: Critical Perspectives (Transnational Migration and Education) 2904838 Jens Schneider Clea Schmidt 9789463006637 2016
Quality in Higher Education: Developing a Virtue of Professional Practice 2904839 Ming Cheng 9789463006668 2016
Spotlight on China: Chinese Education in the Globalized World (Spotlight on China) 2904840 Yan Guo Shibao Guo 9789463006699 2016
Publishing Higher Degree Research: Making the Transition from Student to Researcher (Higher Education Horizons) 2904841 Janice Orrell David Curtis 9789463006729 2016
Global Challenges, National Initiatives, and Institutional Responses: The Transformation of Higher Education (Higher Education Research in the 21st Century) 2904842 Maria Rosa Teresa Carvalho Pedro Teixeira Amélia Veiga Cláudia Sarrico António Magalhães 9789463006750 2016
Teaching and Learning Like a Feminist: Storying Our Experiences in Higher Education (Teaching Gender) 2904843 Elizabeth Mackinlay 9789463006781 2016
The Collegiate Way: University Education in a Collegiate Context (Context of Education) 2904844 H. M. Evans T. P. Burt 9789463006811 2016
Teachers Creating Context-Based Learning Environments in Science (Advances in Learning Environments Research) 2904845 Alberto Pilotto Perry Brok R. Taconis Ruurd Taconis 9789463006842 2016
Adult Education, Museums and Art Galleries: Animating Social, Cultural and Institutional Change (International Issues in Adult Education) 2904846 Kathy Sanford Darlene Clover Kay Johnson Lorraine Bell 9789463006873 2016

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