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Building Democracy through Education on Diversity (The World Council of Comparative Education Societies) 2904659 Suzanne Majhanovich Régis Malet 9789463002592 2015
Governing Educational Spaces: Knowledge, Teaching, and Learning in Transition (Comparative and International Education: A Diversity of Voices) 2904660 Hans-Georg Kotthoff Eleftherios Klerides 9789463002653 2015
Embodied Relating and Transformation: Tales from Equine-Facilitated Counseling (Transgressions #94) 2904661 Tom Strong Hillary Sharpe 9789463002684 2015
We Can Speak for Ourselves (Foundations and Applications of Artificial Intelligence) 2904666 Billye Sankofa Waters 9789463002714 2016
Popular Culture as Pedagogy: Research in the Field of Adult Education (Transgressions #95) 2904667 Tony Brown Kaela Jubas Nancy Taber 9789463002745 2015
Decolonizing Global Citizenship Education 2904668 Ali A. Abdi Lynette Shultz Thashika Pillay 9789463002776 2015
A Play Analysis: A Casebook on Modern Western Drama 2904669 R. J. Cardullo 9789463002806 2015
Newly Hired Teachers of Science: A Better Beginning (Cultural Perspectives in Science Education) 2904670 Julie A. Luft Shannon L. Dubois 9789463002837 2015
Our International Education 2904673 Sherry Marx Monica Housen Christine Tapu 9789463002868 2016
Teaching for Learning and Learning for Teaching: Peer Review of Teaching in Higher Education (Professional Learning) 2904674 Christopher Klopper Steve Drew 9789463002899 2015
Being a Teacher | Researcher: A Primer on Doing Authentic Inquiry Research on Teaching and Learning (Bold Visions in Educational Research) 2904675 Konstantinos Alexakos 9789463002950 2015
From the Margins to New Ground: An Autoethnography of Passage between Disciplines 2904676 Devorah Kalekin-Fishman Lea Hagoel 9789463002981 2016
Global and Local Internationalization (Global Perspectives on Higher Education) 2904677 Hans De Wit Elspeth Jones Robert Coelen Jos Beelen 9789463003018 2016
The Journey to Inclusion (Studies in Inclusive Education) 2904678 Xuan Thuy Nguyen 9789463003049 2015
Designing Critical and Creative Learning with Indigenous Youth: A Personal Journey (Bold Visions in Educational Research) 2904679 Donna DeGennaro 9789463003070 2016
Identity Work in the Contemporary University: Exploring an Uneasy Profession (Educational Futures #1) 2904680 Jan Smith Julie Rattray Tai Peseta Daphne Loads 9789463003100 2016
Understanding Science Teachers’ Professional Knowledge Growth 2904681 Michel Grangeat 9789463003131 2015
Poetic Inquiry II – Seeing, Caring, Understanding: Using Poetry as and for Inquiry 2904682 Monica Prendergast Kathleen T. Galvin 9789463003162 2016
Becoming of Two Minds about Liberalism: A Chronicle of Philosophical and Moral Development (Moral Development and Citizenship Education) 2904683 Dwight R. Boyd 9789463003193 2016
Last of the Black Titans (Transgressions) 2904684 Greg Wiggan Lakia Scott 9789463003223 2015
Foreign Language Education in Japan: Exploring Qualitative Approaches (Critical New Literacies: The Praxis of English Language Teaching and Learning (PELT)) 2904685 Devorah Kalekin-Fishman Lea Hagoel Sachiko Horiguchi Yuki Imoto Gregory S. Poole 9789463003254 2015
Un-American Acts 2904686 Anthony Walker Charles Lowery Carolyn Hernandez Cornell Thomas 9789463003285 2016
Disaffection with School Mathematics 2904687 Gareth Lewis 9789463003315 2016
Semiotics as a Tool for Learning Mathematics (Semiotic Perspectives in the Teaching & Learning of Math Series) 2904688 Gert Kadunz Adalira Sáenz-Ludlow 9789463003377 2016
Open Spaces for Interactions and Learning Diversities 2904689 Alessio Surian 9789463003407 2016

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Showing 73,476 through 73,500 of 74,988 results