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Critical Perspectives on the Organization and Improvement of Schooling (Evaluation in Education and Human Services #13) 4697766 Jeannie Oakes Kenneth A. Sirotnik 9789400942295 1986 Contains images
Perspectives on Mathematics Education: Papers Submitted by Members of the Bacomet Group (Mathematics Education Library #2) 4786797 M. Otte A. G. Howson B. Christiansen 9789400945043 1986 Contains images
Evaluation of Continuing Education in the Health Professions (Evaluation in Education and Human Services #18) 4734590 StephenAbrahamson 9789400949867 1985 Contains images
Program Evaluation: A Practitioner’s Guide for Trainers and Educators (Evaluation in Education and Human Services #3) 4662628 Robert O. Brinkerhoff D. M. Brethower Jeri Nowakowski T. Hluchyj 9789400966673 1983
Evaluation Models: Viewpoints on Educational and Human Services Evaluation (Evaluation in Education and Human Services #6) 4825545 George F. Madaus M. Scriven D. L. Stufflebeam 9789400966697 1983
The Effects of Standardized Testing (Evaluation in Education and Human Services #1) 4693916 George F. Madaus T. Kelleghan P.W. Airasian 9789400973862 1982 Contains images
Collective Choice in Education (Population and Community Biology Series) 4743295 M.J. Bowman 9789400973985 1981
Distance Learning: On the Design of an Open University 4825462 C.M. Chang H.F.M Crombag K.D.J.M. van der Drift J.F. Moonen 9789400974012 1983 Contains images
Introduction to Algebra 4614343 R. Kochendorffer 9789400981799 1972
Twenty-Five Years of Educational Practice and Theory 1955–1979: International Review of Education Jubilee Volume 4770125 Leo Fernig and James Bowen 9789400988316 1980 Contains images
A Technical Manual for Parasitic Weed Research and Extension 4688765 J. Kroschel 9789401000055 2001
Equal Rites, Unequal Outcomes: Women in American Research Universities (Innovations in Science Education and Technology #15) 4835950 Lilli S. Hornig 9789401000079 2003 Contains images
Researching Visual Arts Education in Museums and Galleries: An International Reader (Landscapes: the Arts, Aesthetics, and Education #2) 4693173 Veronica Sekules Les Tickle Maria Xanthoudaki 9789401000437 2003 Contains images
The Higher Education Managerial Revolution? (Higher Education Dynamics #3) 4603956 Peter Maassen 9789401000727 2003 Contains images
In Search of a Pedagogy of Conflict and Dialogue for Mathematics Education (Mathematics Education Library #32) 4728847 Renuka Vithal 9789401000864 2003
Teaching Physics 4605438 L. Viennot 9789401001212 2003 Contains images
Comprehensive Teacher Induction: Systems for Early Career Learning 4835848 E.D. Britton L. Paine S. Raizen 9789401001335 2003 Contains images
Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research (Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research #18) 4715293 John C. Smart 9789401001373 2003 Contains images
Defining an Identity: The Evolution of Science Education as a Field of Research (Contemporary Trends and Issues in Science Education #20) 4829407 P.J. Fensham 9789401001755 2004
Second Language Teaching: A View from the Right Side of the Brain (Topics in Language and Linguistics #8) 4827553 Marcel Danesi 9789401001878 2003 Contains images
Toward an Anthropology of Graphing: Semiotic and Activity-Theoretic Perspectives 4618366 W.M. Roth 9789401002233 2003 Contains images
Learning-in-Community: Reflections on Practice 4791856 M. Venkatesh R.V. Small J. Marsden 9789401002257 2003
Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research (Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research #17) 4608330 John C. Smart and William G. Tierney 9789401002455 2002 Contains images
Second International Handbook of Mathematics Education (Springer International Handbooks of Education #10) 4743423 Alan J. Bishop 9789401002738 2003 Contains images
International Handbook of Educational Evaluation: Part One: Perspectives / Part Two: Practice (Springer International Handbooks of Education #9) 4678735 Thomas Kellaghan 9789401003094 2003 Contains images

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Showing 71,051 through 71,075 of 73,490 results