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The 50 Greatest Musical Places (The\50 Ser.)

by Sarah Woods

A trip around the world, played out to the most eclectic soundtrack, discovering hidden musical gems along the way. From mosh pits to cabarets, Berlin’s beatnik band haunts to Korea’s peppy k-pop clubs, from visiting the infamous Dollywood, to tracing Freddie Mercury’s childhood in Zanzibar, The 50 Greatest Musical Places of the World has something for music fans of all genres. Discover the places where iconic songs were written, groups were formed, music legends were born and extraordinary talent is celebrated.

The 50 Greatest National Parks of the World (The 50)

by Aaron Millar

Olympus, the Grand Canyon, Uluru and the Serengeti: national parks are home to the wonders of our natural world. Award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar explores the greatest national parks of the world, giving insider tips on how best to discover their secrets. From the home of the highest waterfall in the world in Canaima, Venezuela to the beautiful fjords of Hardangervidda, Norway, to searching for the giant panda in Jiuzhaigou, China and exploring the culture in Cinque Terre, Italy, this guide tells of the history, legends and cultures of each great national park, and tells you how to see them at their awe-inspiring best.

The 50 Greatest Prehistoric Sites of the World (The 50)

by Barry Stone

Humanity’s written history stretches back only 5,000 years, a mere blip on the timeline of our existence. If you want to know what it really means to be fully human, to see the whole story, you need to go back. Way, way back. Prehistoric humans couldn’t write, but they were adept at telling their own stories. On every continent and outpost where they gained a foothold, they left signs for modern man to decipher. From the Middle Bronze Age settlement of Arkaim on the Kazakh Steppes to the temples of the Olmec in Mexico; from one of the first European proto-cities at Nebelivka in Ukraine to the neolithic henges of Avebury and Stonehenge; from the dolmens of Antequera in the heart of Andalucía to the megalithic culture that thrived in isolation on Indonesia’s tiny Nias Island.

The 50 Greatest Road Trips (The 50)

by Sarah Woods

If you’ve ever dreamed of completing an epic car journey, The 50 Greatest Road Trips is for you. Packed full of the most exotic, exciting and iconic road trips across the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa, it showcases the ultimate in car adventures. Sarah Woods is a veteran of road-tripping, having driven the iconic 19,000-mile route from North America to South America’s tip, completed several dusty voyages in the Australian outback and scaled towering Saharan sand dunes in a 4x4. Readers are sure to feel the urge to climb into an old Chevrolet, crank up the tunes on the stereo, flick the sunroof open and settle back for one heck of a ride on the open road …

The 50 Greatest Wonders of the World (The 50)

by Aaron Millar

Machu Picchu, the Acropolis, the Great Rift Valley: these are some of the most beautiful, mysterious and awe-inspiring places on the planet. Award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar reveals the greatest wonders of the world and the insider secrets on how to see them. From where to catch the perfect sunrise over the Grand Canyon to how to swim up to the very edge of the Victoria Falls, this is a road map for discovering the greatest experiences of your life. There are wonders of our future too: the Large Hadron Collider, the most complicated machine ever built; the International Space Station, the greatest international peacetime collaboration in history; the Rio Carnival, the biggest party on the planet. The 50 Greatest Wonders of the World reminds us how fantastically inspiring our planet really is, and how we're a part of it.

50 Shades of Hillwalking

by Ralph Storer

In 50 Shades of Hillwalking, Ralph Storer takes a quirky look at the peculiar pursuit of messing about on mountains and presents us with 50 personal hillwalking experiences. Walking, climbing, mountain biking, caving - Ralph has tried it all, but admits to expertise only in the lost art of 'festering'. With room also for contemplation and argument, his inimitable 50 Shades will amuse, inspire and inform.Follow in his footsteps as he roves from the Lake District to the Alps, from Snowdonia to Scandinavia, and from the Scottish Highlands to the deserts and canyons of America. Warm to his intrepid exploits of derring-do as he gets snowbound in a tent, gets stuck on ice falls and in caves, and falls off mountain bikes and down sand dunes.Culled from not-yet-a-lifetime of eclectic escapades both at home and abroad, brought to life by carefully selected images, this highly entertaining collection of stories will resonate with anyone whose aspirations outstrip their ability.PRAISE FOR RALPH STORER:His books are exceptional' he subverts the guidebook completely.THE ANGRY CORRIEStorer is happy to share numerous irreverent insights into the hills, and this acts as a timely reminder that walking should be primarily about enjoyment of the great outdoors.ABERDEEN PRESS AND JOURNALA treat for all hillwalkers active or chair bound' Ralph Storer rambles over all aspects of enjoying and suffering, not only Scottish, but the world's hills.SCOTS INDEPENDENT on The Joy of Hillwalking

50 Water Adventures To Do Before You Die: The World's Ultimate Experiences In, On And Under Water

by Lia Ditton

From paddle-boarding the Mississippi to big game fishing off Mexico, from floating in the Dead Sea to swimming with jellyfish in Palau, from iceboating in Russia to sailing non-stop round the world, this book promises to inspire dreamers to become doers.Featuring experiences in every corner of the globe and accompanied by stunning photography and bite-sized practical information, this book accommodates every mood, budget, timespan and level of challenge. In amongst incredible tests of endurance lies a healthy range of more practical activities for the general reader: if inner tubing the Colorado rapids isn't quite your thing, dining in the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives just might be. Diverse and utterly captivating, this book is guaranteed to enthral thrill-seekers, water lovers and armchair readers alike.

501 Must-Visit Destinations: Discover Your Next Adventure (501 Series)

by A Findlay D Brown J Brown

A reference guide to those must-see places all over the globe. The book covers 501 must-visit destinations, ranging from remote hideaways and tropical islands to bustling cities, breathtaking monuments and stunning landscapes across the world. Stunning photography sits alongside informative text and a summary of don't-miss features of each site.

52 Weekend Adventures in Northern California: My Favorite Outdoor Getaways (Travel Guide)

by Tom Stienstra

Escape to the great outdoors with award-winning expert Tom Stienstra's 52 Weekend Adventures in Northern California. Inside you'll find:The best weekend getaways, hand-picked by the authority on outdoor adventures: Outdoors writer Tom Stienstra reveals his favorite spots, collected over decades of hiking and camping throughout the Golden StateRecreation highlights: Immerse yourself in nature with the top options for hiking, backpacking, fishing, biking, boating, and moreExpertise and know-how: Tom shares his personal recommendations, insider tips, and memories of his adventures in the great outdoors Planning tools for travelers and locals alike: Make it an easy getaway with detailed driving directions, maps for each adventure, and full-color photos throughout Where to eat and sleep: Discover Tom's favorite spots to grab a bite and find out where to stay on an overnight trip, from campsites to hotelsCoverage of the Redwoods, Yosemite, Shasta, Tahoe, Lassen, Sacramento, the Wine Country, the Bay Area, and Monterey and Big SurPick a weekend, pack the car, and get outside: Experience the best of NorCal's wilderness with 52 Weekend Adventures in Northern California.

The 5th Horseman (Women's Murder Club #5)

by James Patterson Maxine Paetro

A young mother is recuperating in a top San Francisco hospital when suddenly she's gasping for breath. The call button fails to bring help in time. How and why did this happen? With help from the newest member of the Women's Murder Club, Yuki Castellano, Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer discovers that this is not the hospital's first suspicious case. Other patients have taken unexpected and devastating turns for the worse just as they're planning to go home. Are these just appalling coincidences? Or is a maniac playing God with people's lives? When someone close begins to exhibit the same terrifying symptoms, Lindsay fears no one is safe. In a wild race against time she must fight an administration determined to shield its reputation even if it means hiding a killer...

The 6th Target (Women's Murder Club #6)

by James Patterson Maxine Paetro

When a lone gunman goes on a shooting spree aboard a packed San Francisco ferry, Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer is called in to investigate. At the scene she finds three people dead and Claire Washburn fighting for her life. Lindsay promises to find whoever did this. But it's a promise she may not be able to keep.As the investigation makes its way to court, news of a child abduction comes through. Lindsay discovers that more children have been taken. But with no ransom demands the abductions don't seem to make sense - unless the kidnappers aren't planning on returning their hostages... The clock is ticking as Lindsay tries to fit all the pieces together. She knows that if she doesn't find the children quickly it will be too late...

7 Summits: 1 Cornishman climbing the highest mountains on each continent

by Ed Buckingham

Most of us can watch an old episode of the holiday programme Wish You Were Here without it having the life-changing effect that it had on postman Edward Buckingham. For Ed, a young man from humble origins in Cornwall, the draw of Kilimanjaro and the high mountains of the world would change his life forever. It would also very nearly end his life during a fall from high on Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain in the world. Drawn to high places, Ed embarked on a journey that would take him to the summit of the highest mountain on every continent. His seven summits actually involved ten summits - he climbed the highest summit in Western Europe, Mont Blanc, and the highest in Continental Europe, Mount Elbrus, as well as summiting Australia’s Mount Kosciusko and the far more remote Papua New Guinea summit of Carstenz Pyramid, the highest point in Australasia. And, of course, Cho Oyu. In 7 Summits, Ed tells of hardship and near-death experiences on Cho Oyu, the sheer scale and suffering in being the first Cornishman to ascend Everest, as well as his final summit, Mount Vinson in Antarctica. Ed develops as a man throughout his quest. Always humble, working hard for the Royal Mail delivering post to fund his trips, on his early trip to Aconcagua and on his first attempt on Mont Blanc he is very much a novice mountaineer, but his passion for the outdoors and willingness to help his fellow climbers is always there. During his fifteen-year quest Ed’s experience grows, particularly in the sub-Arctic of Alaska, where his ascent of Denali tested his stamina and equipment to the limit. At the culmination of his quest, he emerges as a capable climber, fit and strong and by sheer determination has become a world-class athlete, running full and ultra marathons, climbing mountains and delivering post.

The 8.55 To Baghdad: From London To Iraq On The Trail Of Agatha Christie

by Andrew Eames

Travel journalist Andrew Eames was in the ancient Syrian city of Aleppo when he met an elderly lady who had known Agatha Christie. Fascinated by the exotic history of this quintessentially English crime writer, he decided to retrace the trip from London to Baghdad which she made in 1928 - a journey which was to change Agatha Christie completely and led to her other life as the wife of an archaeologist in the deserts of Syria and Iraq. Travelling from London to Baghdad by train on the eve of the Iraq war, through the troubled areas of the Balkans and the Middle East, Eames found stark contrasts to the old Orient Express route as well as some unexpected connections with the past.

90-Day Geisha: My Time as a Tokyo Hostess

by Chelsea Haywood

Step into the surreal world of a Tokyo hostess club and gain an exclusive underground pass courtesy of Chelsea Haywood as she sets out to explore a vocation where £400 dinners, Harajuku shopping sprees and first-class trips to Kyoto are just part of the job.This is the true story of one girl's immersion in the world of hostessing, a late-night entertainment for wealthy Japanese men drawn from the traditional institution of the geisha. In an attempt to make the foreign familiar, Chelsea's initial fascination takes an unexpected turn as she struggles to maintain sanity in an illusory world full of empty flattery, unrelenting temptation and material excess.

92 Acharnon Street: A Year in Athens

by John Lucas

Greece has always had its admirers, though none seems to have cherished the Athenian tavernas, the murderous traffic and the jaded prostitutes, the petty bureaucratic tyrannies, the street noise and the heroic individualists with the irony and detachment of John Lucas. 92 Acharnon Street is a gritty portrait of a dirty city and a wayward country. Yet Lucas's love for the realities of Greece triumphs -for the Homeric kindness of her people towards strangers, for the pleasures of her tavernas and for the proximity of islands in clear blue water as a refuge from the noise and pollution of her capital city. This is Greece as the Greeks would recognise it, seen through the eyes of a poet.

The AA British Road Map Puzzle Book: These highly-addictive brain games will make you a mapping mastermind

by Helen Brocklehurst

How well do you really know your way around Britain?Uncover the history of Britain's roads and work your way around its highways, byways, bypasses and backwaters in these map-based challenges.Test your word-puzzling skills, map-reading savvy, general knowledge and problem-solving prowess, with over 400 mind-stretching questions. Guaranteed to drive your mind round the bend, this is the ultimate quiz to British places for motorists and map addicts.From producing the first road signs and handwriting route directions, to its bestselling atlases and touring guides, The AA has been helping motorists navigate British roads since 1905 - and no one knows Britain's roads better.

Abandoned: The most beautiful and forgotten places from around the world

by Abandoned

The places time forgotFrom the magical empty theatres of Detroit to the lost playgrounds of Chernobyl, there are places across the globe that were once a hub of activity, but are now abandoned and in decay. With nature creeping in and reclaiming these spots, we are left with eerie crumbling ruins and breathtaking views that offer us a window into the past and capture our imagination. Abandoned showcases the very best photographs from around the world documenting this phenomenon.More immersive than a museum and more human that a lecture, abandoned photography has given the world an exciting way to look at our history and the places we have long neglected.Compiled and curated by photographer and former urban explorer, Mathew Growcoot.

Abbey Road: The Best Studio in the World

by Alistair Lawrence

The first photographic celebration of the most famous recording studio in the world, publishing in its 80th year. Unprecedented access to the Abbey Road archive - from Edward Elgar to the Beatles, Kate Bush to Elbow the most famous artists in the world have recorded here.This gorgeous book includes material on the artists, the engineers, the technology and the history of Abbey Road. It's an incredible document of cultural history, for anyone who values music and how it's made.

The Absolution: Children's House Book 3 (Freyja and Huldar)

by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

The new novel from the internationally bestselling, prizewinning, queen of Icelandic crime. All he wants is for them to say sorry. The police find out about the crime the way everyone does: on Snapchat. The video shows the terrified victim begging for forgiveness. When her body is found, it is marked with a number 2...Detective Huldar joins the investigation, bringing child psychologist Freyja on board to help question the murdered teenager's friends. Soon, they uncover that Stella was far from the angel people claim - but even so, who could have hated her enough to kill? Then another teenager goes missing, and more clips are sent. Freyja and Huldar can agree on two things at least: the truth is far from simple. And the killer is not done yet.A brilliantly suspenseful story about the dark side of social media, The Absolution will make you wonder what you should have said sorry for...Praise for Yrsa Sigurdardottir 'Iceland's outstanding crime novelist' Daily Express 'A magnificent writer' Karin Slaughter'The undisputed queen of Icelandic Noir' Simon Kernick 'Believe all the hype - this is crime at its best.' Heat

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Circuit (large print)

by Rnib

This is a diagram of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit on Yas Island Marina. There is a locator dot shown, which will be at the top left of the page when the image is the correct way up. The circuit is represented by a heavy dashed line. Each bend on the circuit is marked with a number. Some other features are labelled on the diagram. There is a North arrow to the right of centre of the page and a scale in the bottom right. The start and finish line is up and left from the centre of the page and is represented by a small rectangle with a chequered pattern.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Circuit (UEB contracted)

by Rnib

This is a diagram of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit on Yas Island Marina. There is a locator dot shown, which will be at the top left of the page when the image is the correct way up. The circuit is represented by a heavy dashed line. Each bend on the circuit is marked with a number. Some other features are labelled on the diagram. There is a North arrow to the right of centre of the page and a scale in the bottom right. The start and finish line is up and left from the centre of the page and is represented by a small rectangle with a chequered pattern.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Circuit (UEB uncontracted)

by Rnib

This is a diagram of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit on Yas Island Marina. There is a locator dot shown, which will be at the top left of the page when the image is the correct way up. The circuit is represented by a heavy dashed line. Each bend on the circuit is marked with a number. Some other features are labelled on the diagram. There is a North arrow to the right of centre of the page and a scale in the bottom right. The start and finish line is up and left from the centre of the page and is represented by a small rectangle with a chequered pattern.

Academic Tourism: Perspectives on International Mobility in Europe (Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management)

by João P. Cerdeira Bento Fídel Martínez-Roget Elisabeth T. Pereira Xosé A. Rodríguez

This book presents the latest knowledge on the still under-researched field of academic tourism, which over the past decade has gained in importance at local and national economic levels as a result of increasing international mobility of students and academic staff in higher education. A wide range of themes are explored from various perspectives, with the focus on Europe. Particular attention is paid to academic tourism demand, expenditure, and economic impact; the relationships between academic tourism and local and regional development, sustainable development, and environmental sustainability; and the importance of academic tourism for the internationalization of higher education and international cooperation and development. Further topics to be considered include the significance of academic tourism for the dynamics of tourism destinations and insights from experimental tourism research. In addition to theoretical chapters and state of the art reviews, readers will find insightful empirical and case studies. The book will be of interest to academics, researchers, students, and practitioners, including policy makers.

Access All Areas: Selected Writings 1990-2010

by Sara Wheeler

In a series of remarkable books - Travels in a Thin Country, Terra Incognita, Cherry: A Life of Apsley Cherry Garrard, Too Close to the Sun and The Magnetic North - Sara Wheeler has shown that she is not only one of the finest travel writers of her generation but a very fine biographer too. Published to coincide with her fiftieth birthday, Access All Areas gathers together a selection of her shorter pieces, both journalism and introductions to other books.As one would expect, the frozen poles of the earth feature often, whether she is spending the night in Captain Scott's hut or reliving the adventures of Shackleton and Nansen. But its hot places feature too - Malawi, Kerala, Cuba and Bangladesh. She writes brilliantly of her heroes - Mary Kingsley, Fanny Trollope, Norman Lewis, Jan Morris and Sybille Bedford - and about the pains and pleasures of writing biography. Worried that having her children would end her roaming, she took her children with her, to the Arctic, and on a brilliantly depicted cruise on the QE2. She learns to bellydance, to strip, and to walk on the wing of a biplane at 3000 feet.This is an immensely varied and satisfying collection.

Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity in Critical Event Studies (Routledge Advances in Event Research Series)

by Rebecca Finkel Briony Sharp Majella Sweeney

Most early social research into planned events had the effect of broadcasting narratives of dominant cultures and privileged groups. More recently, however, convergences of gender, sexualities, ethnicities, age, class, religion, and intersectional analyses and events studies have started to drive new critical understanding of the impacts of events on non-mainstream, non-majority communities around the globe. This timely book addresses current gaps in the literature surrounding issues of accessibility, inclusion, and diversity in various event landscapes. Structured into four parts covering the main types of events, the chapters present original topics using innovative methodological approaches. Each chapter employs a case study to illustrate the key intertwining issues in these various experiential realms. Further, the chapters are all cross- or interdisciplinary, drawing on gender, sexualities, cultural, race/ethnicity studies as well as multiple literatures that feed into critical events studies and exploring a variety of global examples. This significant book opens the path to further research on the role and importance of accessibility, inclusion, and diversity in events environments worldwide. It will be of interest to academics and researchers of critical event studies as well as a number of related social science disciplines.

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