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Neuroethics and the Scientific Revision of Common Sense (Studies in Brain and Mind #11) 2900171 Nada Gligorov 9789402409659 2016
Grete Hermann - Between Physics and Philosophy (Studies in History and Philosophy of Science #42) 2900172 Guido Bacciagaluppi Elise Crull 9789402409703 2016 Contains images
Modality in Argumentation: A Semantic Investigation of the Role of Modalities in the Structure of Arguments with an Application to Italian Modal Expressions (Argumentation Library #29) 2297366 Andrea Rocci 9789402410631 2017 Contains images
General Reports of the XIXth Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law Rapports Généraux du XIXème Congrès de l'Académie Internationale de Droit Comparé (Ius Comparatum - Global Studies in Comparative Law #24) 2297367 Martin Schauer Bea Verschraegen 9789402410662 2017 Contains images
Fundamentals of Legal Argumentation: A Survey of Theories on the Justification of Judicial Decisions (Argumentation Library #1) 2297453 Eveline T. Feteris 9789402411294 2017 Contains images
Civil Disobedience in Global Perspective: Decency and Dissent over Borders, Inequities, and Government Secrecy (Studies in Global Justice #16) 2297484 Michael Allen 9789402411645 2017
Mobile Media and Social Intimacies in Asia: Reconfiguring Local Ties and Enacting Global Relationships (Mobile Communication in Asia: Local Insights, Global Implications) 5048193 Jason Vincent A. Cabañes Cecilia S. Uy-Tioco 9789402417906 2020
Superparticles: A Microsemantic Theory, Typology, and History of Logical Atoms (Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory #98) 3873602 Moreno Mitrović 9789402420500 2021 Contains images
Relativism and Human Rights: A Theory of Pluralist Universalism 5151624 Claudio Corradetti 9789402421309 2022 Contains images
Mobile Communication and Online Falsehoods in Asia: Trends, Impact and Practice (Mobile Communication in Asia: Local Insights, Global Implications) 5397741 Carol Soon 9789402422252 2023 Contains images
The History of Chinese Legal Civilization: Ancient China—From About 21st Century B.C. to 1840 A.D. 3455989 Jinfan Zhang 9789811010293 2020
The History of Chinese Legal Civilization: Modern and Contemporary China (From 1840–) 3569777 Jinfan Zhang 9789811010323 2020
The Ecological Era and Classical Chinese Naturalism: A Case Study of Tao Yuanming (China Academic Library) 2298172 Shuyuan Lu 9789811017841 2017 Contains images
Playful Disruption of Digital Media (Gaming Media and Social Effects) 2298199 Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath 9789811018916 2018 Contains images
Theories of Intensionality: A Critical Survey 2905937 David Parsons 9789811024849 2016 Contains images
The Making of the Modern Chinese State: Cement, Legal Personality and Industry 2905977 Humphrey Ko 9789811026607 2016 Contains images
Footprints of Feist in European Database Directive: A Legal Analysis of IP Law-making in Europe 2299179 Indranath Gupta 9789811039812 2017
The Confucian Misgivings--Liang Shu-ming’s Narrative About Law 2299446 Zhangrun Xu 9789811045301 2017
New Technology, Big Data and the Law (Perspectives in Law, Business and Innovation) 2299754 Mark Fenwick Marcelo Corrales Nikolaus Forgó 9789811050381 2017 Contains images
Selected Topics on Archaeology, History and Culture in the Malay World 2300562 Mohd Rohaizat Abdul Wahab Ros Mahwati Ahmad Zakaria Muhlis Hadrawi Zuliskandar Ramli 9789811056697 2018 Contains images
Legislation of Tort Liability Law in China 2301163 Xinbao Zhang 9789811069611 2018
An Investigation of the Causal Inference between Epidemiology and Jurisprudence (SpringerBriefs in Philosophy) 2301830 Minsoo Jung 9789811078620 2018 Contains images
Methodology of Judicial Proof and Presumption (Masterpieces of Contemporary Jurisprudents in China) 2301926 Jiahong He 9789811080258 2018 Contains images
Historic Achievement of a Common Standard: Pengchun Chang and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 2302120 Pinghua Sun 9789811083709 2018 Contains images
The Chinese Road of the Rule of Law (China Insights) 4674377 Lin Li 9789811089657 2018 Contains images

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Showing 12,926 through 12,950 of 13,256 results