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Soul Liberty: The Evolution of Black Religious Politics in Postemancipation Virginia 5612293 Nicole Myers Turner 9798890857620 2020
The Scopes "Monkey Trial": America's Most Famous Trial and Its Ongoing Legacy (Images Of America Ser.) 5361240 Randy Moore 9798216184171 2016 Contains images
Religion and War: Exploring the Issues (Religion in Politics and Society Today) 5315494 Timothy J. Demy Gina Granados Ph.D. 9798216182894 2022
They Believed That?: A Cultural Encyclopedia of Superstitions and the Supernatural around the World 5315663 William E. Burns 9798216182863 2023 Contains images
When Religion and Morals Become OCD: Understanding and Treating Scrupulosity 5429030 Leslie J. Shapiro 9798216172574 2023 Contains images
Religion in the Classroom: Exploring the Issues (Religion in Politics and Society Today) 5585794 Jonathan M. Golden Joseph J. McCallister 9798216172277 2010
Religion and World Civilizations [3 volumes]: How Faith Shaped Societies from Antiquity to the Present [3 volumes] 5442558 Andrew Holt 9798216172253 2023 Contains images
John Thomas Scopes: A Biography 5428995 Randy Moore 9798216171874 2023 Contains images
Yemen (Middle East in Focus) 5317150 Steven C. Caton 9798216169307 2013 Contains images
The World's Greatest Religious Leaders [2 volumes]: How Religious Figures Helped Shape World History [2 volumes] 5430494 Scott E. Hendrix Uchenna Okeja 9798216168867 2018 Contains images
The World of the Crusades [2 volumes]: A Daily Life Encyclopedia [2 volumes] (Daily Life Encyclopedias) 5432247 Andrew Holt 9798216168553 2019 Contains images
World Architecture and Society [2 volumes]: From Stonehenge to One World Trade Center [2 volumes] 5442577 Peter Louis Bonfitto 9798216168300 2022 Contains images
Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions [2 volumes]: Faith and Culture across History [2 volumes] 5432172 Susan De-Gaia 9798216166979 2019 Contains images
Women and Religion: Global Lives in Focus (Women and Society around the World) 5360820 Susan M. Shaw 9798216166320 2021 Contains images
Women and Asian Religions (Women and Religion in the World) 5317184 9798216166139 2017 Contains images
When Religious and Secular Interests Collide: Faith, Law, and the Religious Exemption Debate 5317085 Scott A. Merriman 9798216164562 2017
War and Religion [3 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict [3 volumes] 5432228 Jeffrey M. Shaw and Timothy J. Demy Editors 9798216163176 2017 Contains images
The Voodoo Encyclopedia: Magic, Ritual, and Religion 5361098 Jeffrey E. Anderson 9798216162742 2015 Contains images
Voices of Unbelief: Documents from Atheists and Agnostics 5360827 Dale McGowan 9798216162698 2012
Voices of the Reformation: Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life (Voices of an Era) 5361170 John A. Wagner 9798216162667 2015 Contains images
Voices of Early Christianity: Documents from the Origins of Christianity (Voices of an Era) 5360852 9798216162544 2013 Contains images
The Varieties of Magical Experience: Indigenous, Medieval, and Modern Magic 5316995 Lynne L. Ph.D. Nevill Drury 9798216161509 2013 Contains images
Vampires in the New World 5316730 Louis H. III 9798216161448 2013
Understanding Jonestown and Peoples Temple 5317048 Rebecca Moore 9798216159360 2009
The Spiritualist Movement [3 volumes]: Speaking with the Dead in America and around the World [3 volumes] 5430306 Christopher M. Moreman 9798216147961 2013 Contains images

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