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A Queda d’Um Anjo 1287361 José Viale Moutinho Camilo Castelo Branco 9789898407191
Citizen Charter and Local Service Delivery in Bangladesh 5225914 Pranab Kumar Panday Shuvra Chowdhury 9789819906741 2023 Contains images
Engaging University Students: International Insights from System-Wide Studies 2907678 Hamish Coates Alexander C. McCormick 9789814585637 2014 Contains images
The Geopolitics of Intervention: Asia and the Responsibility to Protect (SpringerBriefs in Political Science) 2907669 Yang Razali Kassim 9789814585484 2014
M² Models and Methodologies for Community Engagement 2907647 Dianne Smith Marina Lommerse Reena Tiwari 9789814585118 2014 Contains images
Impact of Urbanization on Water Shortage in Face of Climatic Aberrations (SpringerBriefs in Water Science and Technology) 2907631 Mrinmoy Majumder 9789814560733 2015 Contains images
Changing Practices, Changing Education 2907623 Peter Grootenboer Stephen Kemmis Jane Wilkinson Christine Edwards-Groves Ian Hardy Laurette Bristol 9789814560474 2014 Contains images
University Rankings: Implications for Higher Education in Taiwan 2907621 William Yat Lo 9789814560351 2014 Contains images
The Challenge of Reframing Engineering Education 2907619 Dennis Sale 9789814560290 2014 Contains images
Educational Policy Innovations: Levelling Up and Sustaining Educational Achievement (Education Innovation Series) 2907611 Sing Kong Lee Wing On Lee Ee Ling Low 9789814560085 2014 Contains images
High-level Political Appointments in the Philippines: Patronage, Emotion and Democracy 2907610 Rupert Hodder 9789814560054 2014
Comparative Study of Child Soldiering on Myanmar-China Border: Evolutions, Challenges and Countermeasures (SpringerBriefs in Criminology) 2907609 Kai Chen 9789814560023 2014
Globalization and the Singapore Curriculum: From Policy to Classroom (Education Innovation Series) 4750899 Zongyi Deng, S Gopinathan and Christine Kim-Eng Lee 9789814451574 2013 Contains images
Global Teachers, Australian Perspectives: Goodbye Mr Chips, Hello Ms Banerjee 2907594 Michael Singh Jock Collins Carol Reid 9789814451369 2014 Contains images
Literacy and Language in East Asia: Shifting Meanings, Values and Approaches (Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects #24) 2907593 Peter Kell Marilyn Kell 9789814451307 2014 Contains images
Korean Education in Changing Economic and Demographic Contexts (Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects #23) 2907401 Hyunjoon Park Kyung-Keun Kim 9789814451277 2014 Contains images
Parental Involvement on Children’s Education: What Works in Hong Kong (SpringerBriefs in Education) 4610900 Wai-Man Kwong Esther Sui-Chu Ho 9789814021999 2013 Contains images
Learning from Shanghai: Lessons on Achieving Educational Success (Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects #21) 4685555 Charlene Tan 9789814021876 2013 Contains images
Musical Nationalism in Indonesia: The Rise and Fall of Lagu Seriosa 3965575 Sharifah Faizah Mohammed 9789813369504 2021 Contains images
Female Employment and Gender Gaps in China (Hitotsubashi University IER Economic Research Series #48) 4841938 Xinxin Ma 9789813369047 2021 Contains images
Political Economy of Malaysia’s Industrial Policy: Institutional Capacity and the Automotive Industry (Springerbriefs In Political Science Ser.) 3920413 Firdausi Suffian 9789813369016 2021 Contains images
From Polarisation to Multispecies Relationships: Re-Generation of the Commons in the Era of Mass Extinctions (Contemporary Systems Thinking) 5124380 Yvonne Corcoran-Nantes Janet J. McIntyre-Mills 9789813368842 2021 Contains images
Indian Agriculture Under the Shadows of WTO and FTAs: Issues and Concerns (India Studies in Business and Economics) 4006159 Rajan Sudesh Ratna Sachin Kumar Sharma Radika Kumar Adeet Dobhal 9789813368545 2021 Contains images
Immigration Policy and Crisis in the Regional Context: Asian and European Experiences 3983644 Chin-Peng Chu Sang-Chul Park 9789813368231 2021 Contains images
The Economic Impact of Government Policy on China’s Private Higher Education Sector 3880973 Xiaoying Ma 9789813368002 2021 Contains images

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