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Title Author ISBN Copyright Features Action
The Hand of Ethelberta 1017 Thomas Hardy
The Foolish Dictionary 1063 Gideon Wurdz
How to Fail in Literature 1069 Andrew Lang
Cousin Betty 1288825 Honoré De Balzac
Cousin Pons 1290712 Honoré De Balzac
Der G'wissenswurm: Bauernkomödie in drei Akten 1296401 Ludwig Anzengruber
The Devil's Dictionary 1308243 Ambrose Bierce
Idle Ideas in 1905 1346 Jerome K. Jerome
The Lumley Autograph 1534 Susan Fenimore Cooper
On the Decay of the Art of Lying 1552 Mark Twain
Michael 1710 E. F. Benson
The American Claimant 1737 Mark Twain
Sketches New and Old 1759 Mark Twain
Novel Notes 1865 Jerome K. Jerome
The Old Bachelor 1892 William Congreve
Satires of Circumstance With Miscellaneous Pieces 1909 Thomas Hardy
The Second Thoughts of An Idle Fellow 1936 Jerome K. Jerome
Perfect Behavior 2090 Donald Ogden Stewart 1922
The Peterkin Papers 2111 Lucretia P. Hale
Pigs is Pigs 2116 Ellis Parker Butler
Penguin Island 2163 Anatole France
Penrod and Sam 2168 Booth Tarkington
Penrod 2169 Booth Tarkington
Three Men in a Boat 219 Jerome K. Jerome
The Europeans 3099 Henry James

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Showing 1 through 25 of 9,371 results