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The Complete Ocean Skipper: Deep Water Voyaging, Navigation and Yacht Management 4786033 Tom Cunliffe 9781399400510 201361 Contains images
The Concept of Canon in the Reception of the Epistle to the Hebrews (The Library of New Testament Studies) 4276052 David Young 9780567701374 43725 Contains images
OCR A Level Geography Third Edition 4261651 David Barker Nigel Yates Andy Palmer Michael Raw Peter Stiff Helen Harris Chris Broadbent 9781398312340 6124 Contains images
Reeds Marine Deck 1: Collision Regulations Handbook (Reeds Marine Deck) 5163821 Simon Jinks 9781399402231 2023
Working Effectively With Your Teaching Assistant: A handbook for primary teachers 5163984 Sara Alston 9781472992543 2023
Choral Artistry: A Kodály Perspective for Middle School to College-Level Choirs, Volume 1 (Kodaly Today Handbook Series) 5160974 Philip Tacka Micheál Houlahan 9780197550502 2023
Choral Sight Reading: A Kodály Perspective for Middle School to College-Level Choirs, Volume 2 (Kodaly Today Handbook Series) 5160971 Philip Tacka Micheál Houlahan 9780197550557 2023
Tending the Heart of Virtue: How Classic Stories Awaken a Child's Moral Imagination 5161007 Vigen Guroian 9780197678848 2023
Wealth, Cost, and Price in American Higher Education: A Brief History 5160947 Bruce A. Kimball 9781421445014 2023
How To Master English as a Multilingual: A Guide for Students, Lawyers, and Professionals (How To Guides) 5159766 Shai Dothan 9781035306756 2023
Before There Was a Bible: Authorities in Early Christianity 5155942 Lee Martin McDonald 9780567705808 2023
The Bible and Patriarchy in Traditional Tribal Society: Re-reading the Bible’s Creation Stories 5156080 Chingboi Guite Phaipi 9780567707673 2023
The Catholic Teacher: Teaching for Social Justice with Faith, Hope, and Love 5155944 James D. Kirylo 9781350246195 2023
The Conservative Party and the Destruction of Selective Education in Post-War Britain: The Great Evasion 5156046 Piers Legh 9781350254657 2023
Daniel: An Introduction and Study Guide: Sovereignty, Human and Divine (T&T Clark’s Study Guides to the Old Testament) 5156014 Ernest Lucas 9780567676849 2023
Digital Voices: Podcasting in the Creative Writing Classroom (Research in Creative Writing) 5155965 Leigh Camacho Rourks Saul Lemerond 9781350253339 2023
Education and the Cultural Cold War in the Middle East: The Franklin Book Programs in Iran 5155905 Mahdi Ganjavi 9780755643431 2023
Expertise: Keywords in Teacher Education (Keywords in Teacher Education) 5156054 Jessica Gerrard Jessica Holloway 9781350238251 2023
Insurrections: Education in an Age of Counter-Revolutionary Politics 5155955 Henry A. Giroux 9781350350830 2023
The Legacy of Hans W. Frei 5156023 George Hunsinger 9780567706041 2023
Reflective Teaching in Primary Schools (Reflective Teaching) 5156062 Dominic Wyse Andrew Pollard Louise Hayward Steve Higgins Caroline Daly Amanda McCrory Ayshea Craig Sarah Seleznyov Sinead Harmey 9781350263659 2023
Reflective Teaching in Secondary Schools (Reflective Teaching) 5156061 Dominic Wyse Mary Richardson John Yandell Andrew Pollard Steve Higgins Katharine Burn Caroline Daly Aileen Kennedy Margaret Mulholland Jo Fraser-Pearce 9781350263819 2023
Romans: A Social Identity Commentary (T&T Clark Social Identity Commentaries on the New Testament) 5156068 William S. Campbell 9780567669438 2023
Sennacherib and the War of 1812: Disputed Victory in the Assyrian Campaign of 701 BCE in Light of Military History (The Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies) 5156047 Paul S. Evans 9780567708977 2023
Universities in Crisis: Academic Professionalism in Uncertain Times 5156053 9781350250000 2023

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Showing 1 through 25 of 77,088 results