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Researching Social Life 1498008 Professor Nigel Gilbert Dr Paul Stoneman 9781473944220 0001 Contains images
Little Book of Freemasonry 3317239 David Greenland 9781908461681 0002 Contains images
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman: A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman - An Historical And Moral View Of The French Revolution 2181398 Mary Wollstonecraft 9781473512528 1759
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman: A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman - An Historical And Moral View Of The French Revolution (Vintage Feminism Short Editions) 2181685 Mary Wollstonecraft 9781473521926 1759
Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace, The Private Diary of A Victorian Lady ENHANCED EDITION: Including author videos and podcasts 2200138 Kate Summerscale 9781408834381 1813 Contains images
The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State 2144280 Friedrich Engels 9780141958347 1820
The Foreign Political Press in Nineteenth-Century London: Politics from a Distance 2373322 Constance Bantman Ana Cláudia da Silva 9781474258517 1853 Contains images
Milkshakes and Morphine: A Memoir of Love and Loss 2374058 Genevieve Fox 9781473548886 1878 Contains images
The Greek Myths: Vol.2 2142333 Robert Graves 9780141941790 1895 Contains images
The Greek Myths: Vol. 1 2144509 Robert Graves 9780141959658 1895 Contains images
The Theory of the Leisure Class 1549443 Thorstein Veblen 9781504035453 1899 Contains images
How to be a Princess: Real-Life Fairy Tales for Modern Heroines – No Fairy Godmothers Required 2109579 Katy Birchall 9781473560789 1900 Contains images
How to be a Brit: The Classic Bestselling Guide 3532531 George Mikes 9780141927015 1912 Contains images
A Brief Guide to Native American Myths and Legends: With a new introduction and commentary by Jon E. Lewis (Brief Histories) 2663814 Lewis Spence 9781780337883 1914 Contains images
The Highland Clearances 3532474 John Prebble 9780141933160 1915 Contains images
Die Annalen und Die Zeitliche Festlegung des Alten Reiches der Ägyptischen Geschichte (Quellenstudien zur Holländischen Kunstgeschichte) 2699095 Ludwig Borchardt 9783662425664 1917
London Labour and the London Poor: The Condition And Earnings Of Those That Will Work, Cannot Work, And Will Not Work, Volume 3 2124280 Henry Mayhew Victor Neuburg 9780141907468 1924 Contains images
Deutschlands Versorgung mit Nahrungs- und Futtermitteln (Die Volksernährung #7) 2696439 R. Kuczynski 9783642475900 1926
Grundriß der Wirtschaftsgeographie: für Handels- und kaufmännische Berufsschulen (Sammlung kaufmännischer Unterrichtsbücher) 2700231 Karl von der Aa 9783663159490 1927
Understanding Human Nature (PDF) 1236608 Alfred Adler 9781578989843 1928
Tellings and Texts: Music, Literature And Performance In North India 2724453 Francesca Orsini Katherine Butler Schofield 9781783741038 1931 Contains images
Jews in Britain (Shire Library #734) 2197166 Richard Goldstein Michael Leventhal 9780747813606 1932 Contains images
Celtic Myth and Legend 1927652 Charles Squire 9780486122090 1933 Contains images
Back to the Local 3299165 Maurice Gorham 9780571280964 1949 Contains images
Orwell's England (Penguin Modern Classics) 3532289 George Orwell Peter Davison Ben Pimlott 9780141926636 1950 Contains images

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